The Lovers Pov.. To me -
The Lovers Pov..  love stories

rosemarie522 what a plot twist you were.
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A lovers POV, hidden meaning oh well🤷‍♀️ , :) <3

The Lovers Pov.. To me -

You record my thoughts My feelings My pain My healing...

You stick with me wherever I go You never tell my secrets You make sure they don’t show No matter how alone I am You’re always there...

No matter how torn I am You make me aware Aware I have a choice Aware I have time to calm That I have a voice

Thank you for that My dear friend.... My thanks are overdue But please do know

I Love Y O U

Switching POV - to you

You drag me along Make me hear you cry I help you stay strong But I can’t see why...

You take all my energy Constantly opening me up And messing me around Turning my pages And shaking my ground.

I can’t T H I N K For you fill up my T H O U G H T S

I didn’t ask for these KnOtS These knots in my head Where you left me, you know I’ll be around when you’re D E A D

This is why you take advantage of me You’re only here when you have N O B O D Y It’s not my fault no one loves you. cry to yourself

Yet I have no choice but to stay I must remain put But I’ll never be able to explain For my mouth is controlled by Y O U I know you’ll never have a clue But please do know


I Hate

I Hate Y O U

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