Severed Reflection.
Severed Reflection.  confidence stories

rosemarie522 what a plot twist you were.
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Confidence? Never heard of her, sorry it's kind of long I just spilt it up a lot :)

Severed Reflection.

Confidence? Never heard of her

Maybe one day she'll come around

And I can chat with her

Maybe she'll choose me

Show a tad in the mirror

That broken appearance, clearer

Confidence? Never thought of her

But I think of the others

Anxiety, is my best pal

We do love low self esteem

She's such a sweet gal

But meet a new one?

Perhaps I shall

Confidence? Now come to think of it

I saw her once

When I lived younger

Was I such a dunce?

To believe she cared

To believe we could compare

I had so much hunger

Hunger for clarification

But now come to think of it

She was simply imagination

Confidence? Was that her name?

To describe all of the hurt, the pain

In one three syllable name?

She seems like me

A little unspoken

Together like a falling rose

Pretty but broken

I already feel the longing connection

For I know she'll help

This severed reflection

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