Fitting The Mold By @Rosemarie522 & @Ebugler34
Fitting The Mold 
By @Rosemarie522 & @Ebugler34  confidence stories

rosemarie522 what a plot twist you were.
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¨Fitting the Mold¨ By Shy and Emmy, Our tale of lack of self confidence, COLLAB :)

Fitting The Mold By @Rosemarie522 & @Ebugler34

I have found myself avoiding the mirror My lack of confidence is becoming clearer

I am stuck in a cycle that I've never escaped Self-doubt always lead back to the way that I'm shaped

Through diets, and workouts, and starving myself My parents would always harp on my health

It is inevitable that I'm meant to look this way No matter how much I wish it a w a y

I wish numbers on a scale didn't mean so much I am nothing like her, nothing of such

People always say "You look good in your skin" "You're perfect as you are, t h i c k or thin"

Despite all the work, there is no sign of healing Body image is not just a picture but a feeling

And it's never something I could uphold

I think it's beyond just fitting the M O L D

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