Love Notes season 1 episode 1 By:Rose Kiss💋

          Love Notes

         season 1 episode 1

               By:Rose Kiss💋 starbucks stories
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The girlis testing people now! see what happens next!

Love Notes season 1 episode 1 By:Rose Kiss💋

I sat on the stairs trying to think who wrote the letter. This is the most confused i EVER was in my life. Then at that moment it hit me! The person who sent me the letter must have not signed my yearbook!

Since i'm having a party i decided that that's when i should start to investigate. I started to set up the party and then i realize my mom was very quiet.

I walked as slow as i could to the blanket and then moved it. I then saw...MY MOM WAS PASSED OUT!

I called the police and she got brought to the hospital. They said she might be unconscious for a couple of days but my party was TODAY! I asked them if i could go to my house still. They said i needed to have a parent/guardian with me if i want to go so i called my babysitter.

My babysitter drove me home and asked me what happened. I explained the situation to her and she told me she'll be okay.

While we were driving home she got me star bucks. And obviously she got my favorite (the guava passion fruit drink with a cake pop). I told her she is like a big sister to me. I informed her about the note and the party as well. She agreed to help me find him.

Eventually it was time for the party. I went around and asked some questions. The main people who didn't sign my year book were my bully, my friend, my bestie, and my cousin.

I asked questions to my friend first. He said he did sign my year book but in a super tiny print. I checked over my year book and saw these dots. I used a magnifying glass and saw it. I told him sorry for waisting his time.

I crossed out my bully and my cousin because...well just you get it.

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