Enjoy! Love notes💋 By:Rose Kiss Season 1 episode 1


Love notes💋
  By:Rose Kiss
    Season 1 episode 1 secret stories

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A girl is trying to read her year book and finds something unexpected...Stay tuned and give me some idea's for the next episode.

Enjoy! Love notes💋 By:Rose Kiss Season 1 episode 1

I wake up in my boring average bed, In my boring life. Its the last day of school and i'm going to check my year book. My mom is going to get it from school right now. She said she might not be here in the morning, to get my year book from school.

I decide to take a shower, brush my teeth, wash my face, and get dressed in new clothes. I wore a sweater, jeans, and Boots. I made some coffee and started my day.

First thing i did was go to the mall. I was having a party for the last day of school, and needed to hurry up and get supplies. I needed to get a new outfit as well. My other outfits either didn't fit me, or they were ruined.

I checked out all of the stuff and spent $200, But i'm sure mom won't mind...Right?

I was reading my year book and then as soon as i saw it i paused...I didn't know if it was my imagination, Or if it was real. I started to move my hand closer to it slowly.

It...Was...A...LOVE LETTER!?

I tried to find out who it was from, But it didn't say anything that could say who it was. I continued to try and find who it was from but...There was nothing.

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