!!!TW!!! gay stories

roseadores1d publishing poems although I'm not good
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poem about homosexuality (TW)


so here we are with this issue fight the war but grab a tissue

since 2015 we are allowed to marry but things still get heavy to carry

all these parents telling their kids "It's not okay you can't be gay"

in some countries people still are killed their voices are stilled all because it's not okay you can't be gay

some are bullied to suicide they laugh and shout just because we are pride

and then, at night, alone some grab a knife cut to their bone just to take away the pain till the towel's stain in blood

all because "It's not okay you can't be gay"

but still - we fight we don't give up people, we've achieved so much!

so carry on be proud to be together we're strong that is the key

author's note Happy pride month people! Yeah this doesn't follow any rules and is pretty shitty it just somehow came up to my mind and I wanted to publish.

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