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You and I

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I've loved you for a long time
(sorry for not posting in a while, it's been a hard couple of weeks)

You and I In Different Times

By Rose Ariola

I have loved you in another time

In another life

I know this when I hold your hand

The first time I did

It had already felt like I’ve done it a thousand times before

Like the flesh of my palm

Had been molded exactly

To fit the absences of yours

I was already accustomed to the thin nimbleness of your fingers

They had been used to dart in between warped strings of fabric

Pulled taught against the ends of a loom

Weaving beautiful tapestries

Dyed with the colors of the Mediterranean

I might have been Sappho

Writing love poems about you even then

Taken by your beauty

Enchanted by your being

And now you are still my muse

Over a millenia later

I wonder if back then

I had read the lines of your palm

And saw myself entwined with your future

And that is why I had committed you into my memory

I will love you in another time

In another life

I know this when I lay my head on your chest

The thump of your heart is steady



I can count on the movement of your heart

Like how the world will continue to spin

And how the sea will still rage

And how people will always be flawed

The rise of your chest as you breathe

Is the springs to come

New moments of laughter

Mornings we'll stay in bed

And every exhale and its fall

Is hurricanes yet to form

And fighting words

And times of parting

But as we lay there

I wonder how could we be separated from each other from now on

Now we will never not be in perfect sync

Like the moon and the Earth spinning in tandem

And the wind and the sea creating waves

And how people will always rise after every fall

There has never been a time

There will never be a life

In which I will not love you

With every atom of my existence

With every breath I’ve ever taken

I know this when I kiss you

When your lips meet mine

I see the birth of the universe

Behind closed eyes

I feel the collision of stars

And the birth of new ones

The forming of rock and ground underneath our feet

And lava runs through our veins

Civilizations have been born into fruition

And have withered away in obscurity

By the hundredth time we found each other

We were there

For every storm

And every invention

For the discovery of fire

To the discovery of the cure for cancer

We have loved each other

Through every year passed by

And we will love each other

In every year come

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