The Murder of Icarus by Apollo

The Murder of Icarus by Apollo icarus stories
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Why do we blame Icarus's hubris and not Apollo's cruelty?

The Murder of Icarus by Apollo

by Rose Ariola

The question still stand today

How could Icarus fall for Apollo?

Silly boy, They say

As you were climbing to the top

Trying to get closer to him

He was softening you

Melting you down

Loosening what held you together

Until pieces of you fell away

The answer is still unclear

How didn’t Icarus feel the threat of Apollo

Especially when it was right there in front of him?

Lovesick boy, They laugh

You mistook the fever you got from his fire

As the heat of passion

Instead of a sickness, an illness

Something that could be your demise

You were lost in his light

Thinking what’s brightest is best

When it was made to blind you

Sometimes we are still made to wonder

Why didn’t Icarus turn back from Apollo

Once he realized what Apollo could do

And how much Apollo has already done to Icarus

Stupid boy, They scoff

You thought you could still change him, the Sun

You thought your touch could heal him

That it could temper his fire

And that he would invite it

When staying near him was enough to incinerate you

Your hubris was believing that he could love you too

That he would spare you when he’s never done so

And for that, you have fallen in more ways than one

It’s telling that we still critique

The flaws of Icarus

Of Icarus’s naivety, Of Icarus’s pride

Without wailing over the actions of Apollo

Apollo’s apathy, Apollo’s cruelty

Sad boy, he didn’t deserve you, No one bothers to think

You were innocent, You were human

You were foolish, yes, but he knew what he was doing

He willingly took advantage of your kindness

He manipulated you into his trap

You saw him collapsing in on himself

And you just wanted to stop the damage

And thought to save him from loneliness

But he took you into his destruction and hurt you too

And we won’t continue to let him do so

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