Harry Potter Fanfiction Part 1, Chapter 2
Harry Potter Fanfiction Part 1, Chapter 2 hogwarts stories

rose27 whatever happens happens
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Sorting and meeting Voldemort's son... my fanfiction continues.

(Forgot how to spell Ayden's name at first and almost had a real freakout lol)

Harry Potter Fanfiction Part 1, Chapter 2

Helena followed Devon off of the Hogwarts Express. "First years! First years over here!" Rubeus Hagrid was calling to the band of confused first years. "Are you serious? Boats?" Helena looked appalled. Devon looked over at her as they climbed into a boat behind a dark haired boy.

"I can't swim. What do I do if I fall?" "I'm sure you wouldn't be the first one to fall in that occasion." The boy who had been sitting in front of Devon and Helena turned around. "If you fall, they'll see. You'll be okay." He sighed. "I'm Ayden Riddle." Devon's eyes widened.

"Riddle? Isn't that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named..." "Yes." Ayden looked at Helena. "You look sad. Are you okay?" Helena had been looking out at the water. "What? Yeah. Sorry."

The boats reached Hogwarts exactly 15 seconds later. The three got out of the boat and looked up at the legendary school.

"Flynn, Helena." Helena walked up to the Sorting Hat [is that capitalized? idk but let's assume yes]. She sat down on the stool, nervous as all eyes were on her. "RAVENCLAW!" The Hat shouted, and a large table of people in blue cheered and waved her over. As she sat down, a girl next to her smiled. "You'll like it here. I promise."

A few minutes later, Helena heard, "Molina, Devon." Devon sat on the stool and gave her a thumbs-up. "RAVENCLAW!" He grinned and sat next to her. "Hey, again!" More waiting, another recognizable name. "Riddle, Ayden." "SLYTHERIN!" There was a general disbelief of the last name before another name was called. Devon watched Ayden carefully.

THE END OF CHAPTER 2 THANKS FOR READING!!! (listen to pray for the wicked)

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