"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 01

"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 01 bears stories

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What would I do if I was a teenage girl?
Why I love Bears so much

"You don't HAVE to do anything" - Day 01

A few days ago, four (4) Commaful users took the plunge and decided to let create a custom program that would help to properly empower them

They were kind enough to allow me to document their process as we go, even though some of them will remain anonymous

I am aware that many people here would much rather observe first before making the decision to join a one on one program...

This is why I am making this new series under the umbrella of RosEd which stands for Rosarlei Education

The program includes: daily e-mails, video (made my first yesterday), as well as Commaful stories and blog posts.

You will get a lot of valuable information through this medium, but if you would like to dive a bit deeper, I will provide links for you in the comments

So, Let's get started:

We live in a time in which we are getting a lot of inaccurate information regarding how we should live our lives​

There are two main reasons why information is so unreliable now a days:

The internet allows everyone to communicate and distribute their thoughts, ideas and prejudices across the globe

More often than not it is the naive, misinformed (or ill'intended) who most passionately communicate their thoughts

For the past 14 years I have been hard and work, and never did I feel I was ready to speak for fear I might give people bad information.

But it has become quite obvious that human beings have a responsibility to speak whatever their truth is.

Not in order to convince or change the minds of others, but because my truth helps you realize your own.

The reason why we have and allow missinformation

As technology evolves, the cost of producing goods tends towards zero​, that means we have a larger margin for error

Imagine the following story:

Imagine that you are a woman with a newborn living in a cave in 20.000 BC

You are part of a hunters gatherers tribes of about 30 people and you are in the middle of winter and food is scarce.

Your baby has been crying for hours on end and every single day. You are not getting sleep, you are tired, you are cold and you are dirty.

The only thing that exists in your mind is: How do I keep this little baby alive and well?

Before the sun rises​, your partner, who is the leader of the group, set's out to hunt with five (5) of the best men that the tribe has

You can rest at ease because you know that those 6 men will not come back unless they are able to hunt the food that the tribe and your baby need to survive.

When the situation is so clearly about life and death, people are forced to behave in a certain matter and to develop the competence that the group requires of them.

As predicted, the men come back with a large prey but one of them is missing.

You are told that one of the men was caught off guard and was deadly injured by a bear who was defending her cubs.

Even though everyone will mourn the death of that man, deep down you understand that his life was a fair price to pay to keep the baby alive

So does everyone else, including the dead man.

Now imagine a different situation in which you have a cousin who is not exactly a "man" but more like a grown child.

And 2 weeks later the same group of men has to go hunt to feed the tribe and your baby.

They spotted a large deer in the vicinity and they need 6 men in order to surround the animal and keep it from escaping.

If they do not succeed in hunting that animal, your baby will die in the next couple of hours because you won't be able to feed it

It turns out that they are one man short and you are now all thinking whether the men should take your cousin, even though he is terribly competent.

He insists and the group takes him.

You have a bad feeling...

As they approach the animal, your cousin missteps on a dry branch and alerts the animal of their presence.

A rooky mistake.

Unable to feed yourself, the baby dies, along with a few other members of the tribe.

What should be done with your cousin?

He did not grow up to be the way that he was meant to and now something terrible has happened.

The point of the story is that there was a time in which mistakes were a lot more costly and the price to get food was WAY higher.

Under those circumstances, no one was able or allowed to drag their feet and not carry their own weight.

But as technology grew and society evolved, we have created a bubble of protection which allows a lot of people to exist without proper skills.

Wealth and peace is what allows us to act in a more "compassionate" matter.

If we lived in a place in which the threat of violence and famine was a real thing, we would not be as lenient as we currently are.

Can you imagine the idea 20.000 BC of someone complaining because they were offended by the comment that someone else made?

What's been happening is that society and technology is making up for a lot of the skills which we should have.

This is NOT an attack on technology, but a call to attention to the fact that when times are good, is easy to get softer.

And before you know it, 4 out of the 6 hunters are JUST like that cousin of yours and now you are all fucked.

There is such a thing as too much compassion, and it hurts everyone.

Because that unskilled and softy cousin is not happy at all! In fact, he is growing more resentful by the minute.

You see, the most important job for a female of the species is to indicate to men that they are not good enough.

The existence of women is what causes us to be self conscious about our weakness

Unless a ​female becomes a woman, she is likely to misuse that power that she has on men and hurt them.

A woman will hurt a man either by over sheltering as a child or by criticizing​ his actions in a destructive manner because she is afraid.

As men, we are biologically wired to serve you. However, you are both the thing we covet the most and our biggest source of insecurity

A propper man is inspired to grow and become better in order to fulfill his role of protecting you and the child.

But a man who is was overly sheltered and grew up to be weak will resent you because your mere existence is proof that his life is meaningless.

What should you do as a woman?

Woman have a power which they do not understand. You can cause a men to gladly give up his life for you and your child.

A woman can influence, control or manipulate a men because we are also wired to enjoy the power you have over us.

However, if both sides are not fully aware of what is going on, things will fall out of balance and people will get hurt in the process.

If you were lucky enough to be raised by both a father and mother, you know exactly how get a man to do things for you.

Because your dad has been teaching you what works and what does not work since you were born.

It is imperative you know understand how to use all the different modes in order to lead the men into behaving properly.

One of the most improper ways to use your powers is done by most girls who realize that flashing parts of their body will grant them attention.

Flashing parts of your body is the most simple and crude way to gain the attention of a man, but it comes with a very high cost.

it is also a way to manipulate men and it comes from the fact that you feel insecure and want to be seen, no matter the cost.

Both males and females have the right and wrong ways of behaving and influencing one another.

The reason why I focus so much on women is because I understand that they are the CEO, the heart and the leaders of humanity.

And that level of power also comes with an enormous responsibility.

That is one of the many reasons why men and women are not same, not even a tiny bit.

Men are dispensable and you are simply not.

So, what would I do if I was a young woman or a teenage girl?

I would spend all my energy in becoming the kind of woman that can create a home and raise a strong family.

I would do that as soon as I possibly can. And I would find a man who is hardworking and mildly reasonable.

I would have 4-5 children with that man and spend the next 16 years being a mom and creating a home and leading my family.

Once my kids reach the age of 12 I would dramatically lower the protections and start to send them out into the world

You need a husband who is much less agreeable and compassionate than you are in order to be able to do that for your kids

You spent 12-16 years laying the groundwork for the person you are now and at the age of 36 you are in your prime.

You did not let yourself go, you kept studying and growing because the internet gave you all and now your kids are out.

You are 36 and you will live until you are 120 years old, which means that you can now start a business and earn money for yourself.

After raising 5-6 children and leading a home and your man, you have become one of the most bad ass people.

Or...you could not do that and let time go by and find yourself at 30, bitter, older less beautiful and robbed of optimism.

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