Who risked it all

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rosarlei "Here, Play" ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ 🕷
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Who risked it all

How could men ever feel alone, when enveloped by this substance;

an invisible mantle made for his body; like the mourn of a dove who just lost her love.

Something of which he can never get enough and yet, is constantly discarding.

And how is it that we feel the lack, when everything around us seems to exist

for the only purpose

for the only purpose of leading up

for the only purpose of leading up to that kiss.

But this force is certainly more;

for every time the air goes into the lungs, tiny bits of grief latch on and spring out from the tongue!

All for the purpose of making their way back into a world, who is eager

to hear the story

to hear the story of the soul

to hear the story of the soul who risked it all

not to be

not to be alone

not to be alone.

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