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rosarlei "Here, Play" ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ 🕷
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"We know what's on your mind." A piece inspired by a video game that is currently on development called: "Rose & Locket" by Whistling Wizard. You can find them on IG

w e K n o w

Others may think

Others may think you came to bring a balance,

that demons like us

that demons like us have no place in this world.

But you and I,

But you and I, we know them to be wrong.

We know you gazed

We know you gazed between the roof planks

of a place

of a place you thought as home

And with the moonlight

And with the moonlight on your face

y o u p r a y e d f o r h e r

t o b e l o c k e d a w a y.

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