This is the BEST time in history - Part 1
This is the BEST

 time in history - Part 1 book stories

rosarlei 👊
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And you can take complete advantage from it right now

This is the BEST time in history - Part 1

I believe I am playing the most interesting game across all people today

I want to tell you what the game is; why I believe it is the best, and how you can benefit from it

I managed to remove myself from nearly all of the hierarchies that society provides for us to climb

I seem to have "nothing" and yet I have way more than I could wish for.

I want zero things or favors from you or anyone.

I don't want to know things for the sake of knowledge either

Do you know what I wish for every single day?

To know how to properly sacrifice the life I have, to nudge your life forward

Just a tiny bit

Not because I'm a "good" person. I sincerely don't think I am one.

But because is the best kind of "FUCK you and THANK you" that I can imagine right now

I don't care about money, attention, recognition, your praise or even your thanks.

And I think that if you look at my last 100+ posts on Commaful, you'll see I am dead serious about it

I figured out a special game because I feel complete and total power, from the lowest position in the service industry

It's clear by the constant interest that women show in me that my attitude and path has something special

It's undeniable when I don't capitalize on the attention and interest that they offer to me.

I am free to explore and act on absolutely every emotion and idea that catches my interest.

I am almost brought to tears by how thankful I am to be able to work in peace regardless of what it is that I am doing.

I genuinely want to leave the place I worked at, way better than I found it.

You can not imagine how MUCH I sincerely love to be the dishwasher at a large event/kitchen​.

I work and sacrifice for strangers I will not see again, as if their business belonged to me

I am absolutely in awe that I have access to any food I want, a room for myself and even a shower

I am scared (in a good way) at all of the comforts that are considered basic today

But the world I live in is also quite dangerous, and "evil" is always around the corner

It is from the knowledge of good and evil where the tension between fear gratitude originates.

It is in learning how to properly stand between fear and gratitude that I get the energy I have today

I can work 16 hour days and avg 10km a day in my shifts, and exercise and still not burn all my energy

I also drive my bicycle at full speed to work every single time, unless the place is more than an hour away.

I did hurt my shoulder a bit which is what happens if you are testing a limit, but I will come back with a fury very soon

Which game is it that I am playing?

The game I play used to require a leap of faith, but I don't think that is really the case anymore

To be continued...

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