"There are things you MUST do" - Day 13

"There are things you MUST do" - Day 13 fuel stories

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It's all about the integration of opposites
It's all about taking on more responsibility, not less
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"There are things you MUST do" - Day 13

It's interesting how many people think I am too harsh, unreasonable and even unfair in my my speech

and yet, it is obvious that my words and intention are never one dimensional

How can you help someone by hurting them?

it's quite simply actually

You make yourself completely obsessed with your craft, and you develop your skills to the highest level possible

A carpenter must first chop down a tree and cut into piece before he can turn it into a beautiful piece of art

A good artist has unparallel respect towards the materials he transforms.

He does not do it so that others see him as great,

Nor for self esteem

He does it because when a person develops his skills through intense hard work

And nurtures respect for the world around him and it's materials,

He is suddenly able to partake in the miracle of creation, side by side with nature

Competence and respect for the world are their own rewards, and nothing compares

You do not ask the stone to shape itself in a beautiful way

You do not expect marble to make itself softer so that you can more easily shape it

I had people told me how much it affects them to not get likes

Motherfucker...if you have a talent and passion, go and work on that.

Figure out how to make something that others will actually want to read, and don't sacrifice yourself while at it

We got this entire thing backwards, and no wonder we are so confused...

People who do not understand how life works, are demanding for everyone else to change so THEY feel better...

How about you get stronger?

It might seem crazy, but I would suspect that it might be easier to attempt to change yourself before you go out to judge the entire world

No being properly aggressive or able to have arguments because you are stressed by confrontation, does NOT make you good.

It simply means you are overly agreeable and compassionate in your personality

You can absolutely kill someone with your excess compassion

All you do is overprotect and cuddle them until you render them completely useless and the wolfs come to eat him

The point here is that if you want the FREEDOM to feel love and compassion, instead of being COMPELLED by you genetic make up

You need to become as vicious of a monster as you want to be loving and kind

What does it mean to become a monster?

It means to face up to the fact that, as a member of the human race, you have it in you to commit unimaginable acts of violence.

It means to take the time to walk yourself (mentally) through the steps it would take to kill, murder and torture another human being

It's not hard once you realize how much pride & resentment is nested inside of you, right there for everyone to see.

Use your imagination to expand that resentment into the future and see the kind of person you are becoming

Once you realize that you ARE dangerous and capable of damaging others, you WILL develop self respect instantly

and you will also have no trouble speaking up your mind to others, because you don't want to put them in danger

The reason you want to speak truth, is because your character is the thing that mediates between Good and Evil

To tap into the energy that is out there and become unique and authentic, you MUST develop the character

If you want to be a true poet, one that takes unspeakable pain and turns it into something beautiful....

You need character

To build character you need to speak your truth into existence​ in the best way that you possibly can

Truth is not blame, is not an excuse is never delusional nor pessimistic

Truth is the biggest amount of responsibility that you are strong enough to shoulder

Before you go

I got something seriously cool coming at you today

we are going to do this shit...

And it's going to be fun as well

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