The Rosarlei Show (Part 8)

The Rosarlei Show (Part 8) zipper stories

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What does it mean to be
a real woman?
How do we tell right from wrong?

The Rosarlei Show (Part 8)

This question is really like any other decision you make in life

What is the right thing to do?

The most simple answer is:

Whatever helps you sleep a t n i g h t

But that answer means almost nothing to anyone, especially if you are between the ages of 14-19 and are female.

And yes, this whole piece is for the women.

If you are a guy, the answer is super simple:


Do not ever send naked pictures of yourself or your dick.

Why would you do that?? No one wants to see that and it does not look good.

Back to you ladies

The issue with the whole "wtv helps you sleep" is that it has to do with REGRET

To really understand regret you need to have a bit more time in this world.

You also need to be willing & able to project your actions into the future and realize what the consequences will be

That's a RIDICULOUS thing to expect from most teenagers.

So, how can I help you?

How can I give you a tool or an insight that can help you navigate the world a bit better?

Let's start by trying to understand why things can be so confusing, by answering the question:

1. Why is it so difficult to know what the right thing to do is?

You and I and everyone else are capable of knowing what the "right" thing to do is

Depending on the time in history, people will give it a different name.

You conscience, God, The Universe... etc

The problem is being able to CORRELATE your choices and decisions with the current state of your life.

in other words: When you do "A", the result of that action occurs in the future and NOT right away

On a surface level, things need time to change in the same way that a plant needs time to grow.

But the choices you make are SEEDS you plant. They have not sprouted, no one can see them yet...

But they are there

And you KNOW it

If you lie to yourself or others today, you won't suddenly get hit by lighting and that might fool you into thinking you got away with it.

But you do not

nobody does

The only reason why lies and deceit do not immediately destroy everything, is because of our SOCIETY.

Our social, political and economical systems are set in place in order to "delay" or stretch out the time it takes for an action to become REAL

In other words: There are infinite systems in place to keep things in order and working correctly

Things no one really understand how they work. But when they suddenly do not work, we realize it.

I know this is a bit abstract but bear with me.

At this particular time, we are experiencing expansion.

It means: times are GOOD

When times are good, and we do something which is NOT right. We don't really feel the effects.


The stickman is YOU and the blue sphere around you represents the shield, the protection that comes with the expansion and growth.

It also means that the world is feeling strong and optimistic

The world is not particularly afraid and more willing to "overlook" mistakes.

This is all an illusion. More specifically a delusion​.


The expansion and optimism in the systems is keeping the bad things away from us. But they are THERE...

Every time we act in the wrong way we plant one of those red seeds which become squiggly ugly little monsters.

But because the sphere around us is SO large, we don't really notice them

But OUR individual actions create YET another sphere around us which keeps us from experiencing the immediate result of actions.

That is the green sphere around you.

The money you have stored in the savings account. The amoung to sports you do.

Those are actions which protect you against the chaos of the future.

Notice that the red squiggly things are something akin to big-global lies or wrong doings.

And these red dots

Are your own personal lies and wrong doings.

The red dots are things like unhealthy eating, pandering to likes and the opinion of others and anything that makes you feel WEAK.

You know EXACTLY how to tell RIGHT from WRONG. But you usually have systems around you which compensate for your bad actions.

The fact you are willingly blind to your own wrongdoings​ is sustainable ONLY when life is EXPANDING.

But everything that goes up will eventually go down.

Can you guess what will happen to the wrongdoings and lies which we all take part in, once life retracts and stops expanding?

Tomorrow, or a year from now the economy collapses, a war breaks out, or a new disease is running rampant

And in the blink of an eye the entire world will go from feeling optimistic to down right depressed.

it will go down and it will go down FAST!

You will not feel it right away because you have a family and friends together with your own inner strength.

So at first, when the world stops expanding and goes down the blue sphere will contract:

And all those red wiggly lies and wrongdoings will get VERY close to you.

99% of the people, including you, will not be able to hold off​ that negativity

And the world will collapse and CRUSH you.

all of your own wrongdoings and lies and deceits will be on top of your life will become a living hell.

If you are like most people you will blame others, or blame life.

Anything but assuming responsibility for your life and what goes on in it.

Why am I saying these things?

Because no ONE is telling you the truth. No one is saying that you are weak, naive and unprepared to deal with life.

Commaful is an insanely sheltered and overprotective community which will NOT really serve you long term.

The reason you don't get any negative feedback is because most people here will not dare saying anything remotely hurtful to you

The think they are being "good" and "compassionate" but that is simply not true.

For the most part, they are very agreeable and will not ever risk entering a conflict with you.

You are here thinking you are a GREAT poet or writer when in reality you probably suck.

Being good and compassionate takes an absurd amount of work and the willingness to say to people the things which they don't want to hear.

There are PLENTY of people in this community who will ONLY tell you EXACTLY what you want to hear.

Those are NOT your friends. In fact, that is a tactic used by Psychopaths.

The reason we have grown so soft as a community and a society is because we have not experienced REAL pain in a very long time.

You think the pessimism and depression that most people express here comes from the fact that their life's are VERY rough...

And hey...that might just be the case for some... EXCEPT....

That Commaful rewards those who victimize themselves by giving them likes and attention.

I have not ever read a single piece in which someone admits: "I am in shit because I acted in the wrong way."

Or a comment that says: "Maybe the reason you are in pain and depressed is all your fault. MAYBE, stop crying and find a solution."

But we will not do that because no one wants to be the person who "attacks" the victim.

As a result, we have a community that houses professional-level​ victims who manipulate as they see fit

That causes users to experience BURN out because everyone is pretending to be a good person.

As a result, most (if not all) of your favorite top writers are now gone and will continue to leave the site.

So...should your or should you NOT send nude pics to that guy?

I think that right now, what I really want to say is:

I do not give a fuck if you do

But I will tell you this:

You are NOT just a person, you are in the center of a node connected to other people.

The shit you do MATTERS It matters a LOT.

You are also a representative for the feminine aspect of society, which resides in both men and women.

You are also young and full of potential, which makes you the embodiment of hope and innocence for the world.

Your body is not JUST your body, and neither is your life.

You have responsibilities and not just rights.

Your so-called​ rights are nothing but a privilege, which can be taken away in the snap of a finger.

The ONE thing which will truly make you strong and a real woman is the adoption of responsibility.

how much?

as much as you possibly can

If you are willing to do wtv it takes for attention and "likes"

you are fucked

If you believe those who tell you that you are "victim"....

We are all fucked.

Human beings have been around for a long time. You know EXACTLY how to behave like a woman...

I expect you to start doing that

I don't have a single drop of pity for weak people, only contempt.

Because weak people become resentful, and resentful people become backstabbers and violent mobs.

I have contempt for weak people because it implies "respect". It means I am not taking my eyes off of you.

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