The Fate of an Idol

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"Michael would become the obvious source of all their pain,"

Part 6 of "Archangel Michael and the Chalice of Glory"

The Fate of an Idol




High praise for duty and valor; and honor won through incredible feats

All the heat had raised our hero so high; he now faced the sun as one would a mirror.

And now the once Unshakeable, and Immoveable Force, began to twist and bend into a terrible shape.

Much like plastic

The seconds felt like hours and the days dragged like weeks.

Growing weaker by the moment he began to feel anxiety and soon after fear had taken over.

The shame in his chest was covered with pride; a dress and futile attempt to defend against his nakedness.

Been born into perfection, Michael was unequipped to handle the fall;

and now all he could do was cast his shame on the First Man; the one thing he was meant to protect.

And the shadow... it laughed! for it had foreseen the fall of those who assume their intentions to be pure and good.

Ready to use the chance; the shadow produced a rallying chant, to gather all of mankind against the being, who once was, their most selfless protector.

Michael would become the obvious source of all their pain,

and the one person

they would all


to blame.

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