TEN things to carry in my KIT

  TEN things to carry in my KIT kitten stories

rosarlei 🕷———🐕🐓🐈🦉
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When I saw Kitten, I thought about the word KIT and the number 10.
This piece is inspired in the show "Made in Abyss" which is about exploring the deadly unknown. These are the 10 things I would take with me.

TEN things to carry in my KIT

Something on my wrist to remind me not to quit; because it's in my power the extend to which I remit.

I'd also hang an artifact around my neck, one small enough to fit a closen fist; something to hold on to whenever the floor dissolves from underneath my feet.

And not to forget an enclosure for my finger. Something to demonstrate the physical nature of a commitment made to archetypical ideas.

Fourth, a lapis stone in my pocket.

Something that my hand can always reach to when the illusion of being empty-handed, makes me forget how small and unpretentious beauty can get.

Aside from those things;

I'd take a walking staff, a survival knife, pen & paper, sturdy leather sandals and finally,

a way to communicate;

to remind those who are home

not to worry about me

not to worry about me.

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