Story Jam #2 - "I Choose you"

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Story Jam #2 - "I Choose you"

Hello everyone,

Hello everyone, since we have extra time on our hands, I thought we'd try another Jam.

This time the images are from アボガド6 which translates to "avogado6" A Japanese artist

This Jam is titled: "I Choose You" and it is Chapter 1 of a book called: "Where did all the Gods go"

For now, we focus on the first chapter called: "I Choose You"

There are three distinct characters in the drawing 1. Angel 2. Human 3. Death

Will you choose one of them, and tell the story in first person?

Or be a narrator who is reporting on the events as he or she sees them?

Maybe make up a secret narrator which you'll reveal in further chapters??

Would you like a little help?

Here are 5 Steps to a quick and powerful Commaful Story:

1. Your first inspiration is always right. Go with that.

2. Write regardless of what comes out. Don't stop until you are done.

3. Now look at the images and start to paste your text on them.

4. Edit for readability and flow.

5. Kill all redundancies.

Last tip: What do you want the ending to be? Decide that and work backwards.

What is the goal with this Jam?

Firstly, to get you to write and to have fun at it.

Firstly, to get you to write and to have fun at it. Secondly to help you create a book by writing it chapter by chapter.

Once it is done, the winner will get their story as an online book you can even sell on Amazon or give to your friends!

The winner will be chosen by a mixture of selfassessment, popular vote, comments and my personal criteria.

If you are interested to know about the criteria for the judgment, check out the link in the comments.

Images can be found in a link inside the description


One last thing!

Deadline is once again: 12th April at 00:00

As an incentive for SPEED, the first person who posts the story will get a shout out and +2 extra points towards their final score.

That means I will only shout that one story. It will likely influence the popular vote part as well. So keep that in mind!

Do tag the story: storyjam2 (only correctly tagged stories will be accepted)

another thing...

This time I added a couple of neutral backgrounds that you can use as well. You'll find everything in /-story-jam.html

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