Step 3: What life wants from you

Step 3: What life wants from you nut stories
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rosarlei 👊
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This information is not anywhere else, that I know of
Economy is about to collapse, so let's gather our nuts
Get your self confidence

Step 3: What life wants from you

Are you ready for the collapse?

Here is something that might come down hard at first, but which we'll take care of together

No one can ever know for sure, but it's fair to assume that the economy will contract very soon

"contract" is just an euphemism though, things will get tough.

Everything is going to shit. Don't assume otherwise

You don't need to be scared into inaction, but rather use this as the time to prepare.

The past 11 years have seen unparallel economic growth. There are absurd amounts of cash out there

I do not know about your family finances, but if I was you, this is the perfect time to grow up,

by getting ready to assume responsibilities around your house.

Maybe you will be called to take care of the house. Can you cook, clean and do the laundry?

Maybe you will be asked to take a job as an office manager (secretary) or serve food at the local dinner or clean houses

Times are going to get rough for everyone; but if you stay here with me, and pay attention,

not only can I teach you ANY skill you might need,

I can help you build the kind of character that can uplift your family.

Imagine seen your parents filled with worry, and not be able to even care for yourself.

Imagine if by then you are already strong enough to fully care for yourself!

Imagine how much you would uplift your parents and ease their life!

how would​ your self- confidence rise when you realize you are the only one among your friends who has his or her shit together?

What does life want from you?

Let's find out how we can grow, contribute, become unique, tough, loving AND have fun while we do it.

I want you to think about life, the universe and all as a PROCESS which is always on the move

a spiral that opens and closes as it travels around the cosmos

This is why history repeats but not always quite the same

Right now we are going through very intense times and they can feel extremely overwhelming

But life is always moving forward and growing, even as it expands and contracts.

Your body and everything around you works in the same way.

The question is: What makes the universe stay in movement?

Picture the forces of Good and Evil as the opposing forces (magnets) which keep things moving

Let me now show you how the magnets look in relation to the other:

Actually, that is not very accurate. It's more like this:

How come the magnets differ so much in size?

On the one hand it's because you only need a FEW good people to generate the same force,

that a LOT of evil people can generate.

and also because it is very easy to sway people into misbehavior​, but very difficult to nudge them towards their potential

Because to become evil, all you need to do is let go, and not participate or avoid responsibility.

What does society do?

The miracle of society, culture and religion is that it creates a buffer which keeps chaos from taking over all at once

Because being good, authentic and virtuous takes so much sacrifice, those who do it count for hundreds and thousands

and even millions who do not. And there is no doubt about that, btw.

Just to give you a one dimensional example of how one person can change the lives​ of millions,

Go and check the work of Bill Gates, or Mohammed Ali, Warren Buffet, or Maya Angelou, or Gandhi etc...

I tell you this because you do not have to worry about what others are doing or not doing,

Instead you can focus on becoming stronger and taking action around you where your attention is call towards.

What does it take to tap into the power of life?

What offsets the decay and the destruction is the force of creativity when used from a place of love

In order to become that person who can harness the power of creativity, and optimism,

you must be strong enough to take betray, malice and anything that might make you bitter, and still stay UP

You must nurture that child like optimism inside of the body of a monster, so your innocence feels safe

What does life want from you?

Life wants you to become one of those people who is strong and creative to offset the inaction of all the others.

You will feel afraid if you are called to take on more and new responsibility, but stand up straight and take on it.

Life will respond to your courage and faith by giving you the necessary resources to do the work.

The reason why this seems as​ a religious idea, is because it is part of all major religions.

Religion is based on meta- stories which human beings passed on to each other for tens of thousands of years, maybe more...

And they realize that those who behaved a certain way seemed to be "blessed" by God, or Nature or how ever the force was seen.

And if you want to see through the fear, and anxiety, you must bring forth the truth which word and action manifests

"in the beginning there was the word."

This is not dogma, but the cumulative wisdom of human kinds that was passed down orally.

I use Christian religion because its the backbone of my culture, but it does matter how you wish to see it, the main ideas remain

To summarize: The universe wants innocence to be protected nurtured and tempered to create order out of chaos.

If you want to truly understand chaos, and the arrogance of the intellect, you must read:

"The Gulag Archipelago" And get intimate with how bad and how fast, things can get when we abandon truth and core values

I am currently listening the audio version and it is seriously hard to stomach

But if you want to know why I am so happy and so thankful, it is because of books like this which give me proper perspective.

One single book like that will change your life forever and will do so for the better.

How should you get started?

you don't need to recall or understand everything that I say, because I am creating a game for you

so that you can develop the character which will make all of these​ things become self apparent truths.

That I why I don't waste time trying to convince you of anything. Either you like what I say or you don't.

Send me your e-mail through a DM so that I can keep you updated and have you in the program

It doesn't cost anything now and it won't cost anything in the future either.

But I will add "cosmetic" options for those who want to customize their experience.

We are going to use technology and imagination to overlay a game-like interface over your life


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