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The End: Archangel Michael and the Chalice of Glory.

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"Someone Else":

Some One Else

“Listen then to what the parable of the sower means: When anyone hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in their heart. This is the seed sown along the path."

Michael woke up no longer an angel; and in his mind no memory remained of the past days in which glory set him ablaze.

Bruised and confused he stared at his palms and noticed the callouses that once held his most powerful tool.

And everything crumbled

First shame caused his willpower to unweave! And as the character gave all shadows burst' through!

And pride had taken the place.

This was how envy took over his soul:

He became bitter and resentful towards everyone and everything above him

and soon powerful ideas, from bottled up spirits, inhabited his body; the place where virtue used to roam;

and now his world

was monochrome.

Not long after it was the murderous thoughts. Once unwelcomed guests had now become the rulers of his underworld.

That day, Innocence was no more.

Overtaken by the Grief; Order disappeared and Michael had no choice but to give in to lethargy.

And with no strength he was pummeled by his own weight.

Then guilt turned pleasure into gluttony; and his wisdom scattered so judgment grew freely across all the fields.

Lastly fear robbed him of endurance and unable to till Order he fell to lust and drowned in Chaos

But when everything was lost one thing did remain strong:

A drive to be J u s t and the fear to be C o r r u p t

Groomed as a Crusader, Michael closed his eyes to the evil and corruption which in his heart had bloomed.

Everything in him became profane, as all human desire found a spot to fill his frame.

Feeling powerless he spread the word to exalt himself and confuse others.

The expression of God replaced by the stigma of one who fell in disgrace.

And that is how "rights" overshadowed the Role and Responsibility into which we are all born.

Freedom became the Chant!

And protection his most likely successor.

The one who never needed to utter a word had now become charmed by a rhythm that gave expression to the mutiny!

or so he thought...

for the words and ideas of revolution and equality did not belong to him...

it was him who belonged to them!

But it was too late! God was now dead and with him

all meaning had left.

And the shadow?

It still lives today in the hearts of men, and even angels, who do not hear the allegories which rest at the bottom

of this Chalice

of this Chalice of Glory

of this Chalice of Glory.

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