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rosarlei 👊
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Learn about the art of "Self-Traumatization" in order to overcome past and present trauma.

RosEd - Videos & Podcasts Update

I recently started a youtube channel (as well a podcast) to dive deeper into the topics that are treated in the CF story

I was asked to talk a bit more about the art of "Self-Traumatization" which I referred to in the piece from yesterday.

If you like the content, (I can't believe I will say this) make sure you subscribe to the channel because I won't always make an extra piece to let you know about it

The reason for that is that creating the content is time consuming and it will be a while until I can regularly market it to you in a proper manner

I also took the time to place time-stamps on my videos in case you want to skip to the specific part.

If you know anyone who might benefit from this content, make sure it reaches them and feel free to give me your feedback on these platforms​

As always, thank you very much for lending me your attention. I can assure you I treat that very seriously.

Link on the comments

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