Part 2: The Boy

Part 2: 

The Boy quartz stories

rosarlei 👊
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Part 2: The Boy

The third instalment of the story series "Willing & Able" The boy meets a new character and...are those flames??

On today's prompt: Quartz

Part 2: The Boy

You are caught on a cobweb


Bad luck, what else is new?

...will I ever get a break?

As you flail your arms and complain about your misfortune you fail to realise what lurks in the shadows

tsk tsk ....

A shudder is felt down your back... if you had just payed more attention... oh well.


There is something behind me?

Isn't it?

You weren't exactly quiet..

You try to turn around... but there is too much fear in you. You are paralysed.

please don't...

hurt me...

Hurt you??

Why would I do that??

You try to make sense of the situation. What are your options? But you can't think at all.

Who are you?

Me? I am the Cob-watcher


Boy...turn around... Will ya?!

You begin to turn your head slowly, allowing your body to follow. You squint your eyes and crumple your nose as if awaiting something repulsive...

looks like your intuition was not wrong on this one...

See? Nothing to worry about!

...oh no; yeah... -_-

You were absolutely right...

So...what is a Cob- watcher anyway?

And can you get me out of these?

hmm... you'll learn those things in time

Normally I would not help you. After all, you are old enough.

If you had been paying attention..or better yet

Grabbed the torch instead of a sword you can't even use...

You start the get the feeling that there is a lot you don't actually understand about the situation you are in.

It's as if everything you knew before you got here, had suddenly become useless... A disadvantage even.

It's JUST a Cobweb!

Can't you do something about it?

Indeed I can and I will. But on one condition.

I'm listening...

You have to travel down into the second level of this den.

And retrieve a satchel I left behind last night.

What's in the purse?

It's a SATCHEL! ... there is a valuable quartz clock in it. It belonged to my grandfather.

He also gift the purs... ...satchel to you?

A coward AND a joker...? ...look, just go there while I repair these webs.

A do me a favor, will ya? Use the torch this time, ok?

But I don't have a torch...

The creature let's out a sigh while closing it's tentacle eyes; an expression of focus on it's face.

hmmm it appears there is something in your bag. Check your inventory, will ya? Did you do that?!

You really don't know anything, do you?

Anyway, I also did something to your sword.

You have about 10 seconds before the effects wears off. Hurry up and free yourself.

Before what wears off??

....what in the fucks ass....??

Did you just give me a FLAMING SWORD??!!

You waste no time cutting yourself free.

YAASSSS motherfuc...

sigh...go on already, will ya? if you take too long...

Uh? What will happen??

Let's just say... you don't want to find out WHO made these webs...

*gulp*...I'll head on over there

Thank you!

It's too early to thank me. Go on now!

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