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Part 2 of the story: Archangel Michael and the Chalice of Glory. A challenge by @kevenadams // Today we learn about the hyper skilled nature of our Hero

Michael & the Common Tomato

Yesterday in Part 1:

Chaos gives birth to Order, and out of their struggle, something new and magical is born.

Innocence becomes the center of everything;

but young and unaware, she becomes the unintended source of pain for the FIRST man.

In his plea, he calls for help, and so Michael, the Archangel Warrior, is born.

But there is a side to the angel

But there is a side to the angel which is yet to come.

Part 2: Michael & the Common Tomato

Part 2: Michael & the Common Tomato

Before we venture in the story of the glorious Michael, it is important to take a moment and appreciate,

the skill of this angel.

For those not acquainted with games of role and character stats;

it would be hard to explain how strength constitution, intelligence, wisdom and charisma; together operate.

So, to bring ourselves into a state of welcoming we call upon the tomato who has offered itself as the perfect sacrifice

the common tomato will be the vehicle for our hero (himself) to demonstrate his holy might.

First: Strength

Strength is about how many, and how hard, can Michael squeeze a tomato to feed an entire community

Second is Constitution:

Constitution is how many rotten tomatoes can Michael eat without becoming sick.

(Because he don't waste)

Third is Dexterity:

Dexterity is about how fast Michael can get to a tomato and perfectly slice it to make your fav. food.

Fourth is Intelligence:

Intelligence is about knowing that a tomato, is actually a fruit, disguised as a salad element.

Fith is wisdom:

Wisdom is about knowing, that even though a tomato is a fruit, it does not go into a fruit salad.


What is arguably the most important of all skills:

The ideal of entrepreneurs all over the world: Sales and Marketing! or as we know it in RPG...


Sixth is Charisma:

Charisma is about how many salads and portions of sauce can Michael convince you to buy from him.

(so you feed yourself well)

That is it for part 2 of the story: Archangel Michael and the Chalice of Glory. The story you just read was part 2. Part 1 can be found on my profile.

tomorrow we will read about the adventures and exploits of Michael as he takes his Godly abilities to protect Men from their demonic struggles.

or so it seems.

but things, and life is often not as simple as we would like to believe.

Take care and stay healthy!

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