made You a song about Pain

made You a song about Pain pain stories

rosarlei 👊
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Made a song instead of a poem today.

made You a song about Pain

I tried to write a poem about Pain...but it is just way too cliché. I have no idea how to write anything new on it.

So I thought I would try my hands at a song...

First I laid some drums.

I then added some guitars

Then I put them together

But I also know that most people won't go looking for the song on SoundCloud.

And you shouldn't have to exit here and go through all that trouble to listen to it. So, what could I do for you?

I had a realization recently which I think might help some right now, or in the future.

It will only take 3 seconds to tell you the whole thing, so no worries.

I tend to smoke when I am in heartbreak-pain-mode. And now that I am feeling better, I stopped smoking.

I smoked for about 3-4 years and I stopped about a week ago. Cold turkey. I am feel great.

But I started when I was 15 and I have dropped the habit and taken it back several times.

This time I noticed something VERY interesting.

Whenever I get close to the sort of situation (women) which are not right for me... I get a craving to smoke...

So, the impulse to smoke is becoming an alarm, a signal that I am approaching the "rocks" and that there is danger ahead.

Once I realized what my body was telling me, I stopped wanting to smoke. It's a stress response, it is the body getting ready.

I thought that was interesting, because, bad habits, and addictions get linked to emotions and patterns of behavior​.

And they can be turned around and used for your benefit.

the END

This song I made is supposed to "empower" you and help you get through a painful emotion in a fun way? idk...if you try it, let me know what you think.

But I don't expect anyone to listen to it. If it get's "2" listens, I will be shocked!

I will leave the link in the description.

Btw, I did not play the guitars or ​drums. I am not a musician. All I did was take different sound loops and arrange them.

Let's get schwifty ^^

You can also find me on SoundCloud as Ros Arlei. and find the song there.

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