Letter to a soul that I just lost

  Letter to a soul that I just lost letters stories

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Thank you reading! There is an announcement about Commafultips.com at the end of the poem, for anyone who is interested.

Letter to a soul that I just lost

The light you think you're walking towards

might not be

might not be the holy one

but a tiny flashlight

but a tiny flashlight in the hands of a paramedic

that's about to pronounce the exact time

in which you took the bait.

And now you lie on a bed

And now you lie on a bed from which you

can never awake.

For no shaking will interrupt the slumber

that only The Leap

that only The Leap can ever hope

that only The Leap can ever hope to sunder.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed that piece for today's prompt.😀

A couple of announcements that might interest you regarding Commafultips.com

Commafultips.com is being renewed and will come back with a single goal:

to help you, the artist, in expressing the unique way in which the world appears to you.

To do that, we want to offer you motivation in the form of structures or activities that you can use to improve your skills.

To accomplish this, Commafultips won't be a one-man operation anymore. (And I will no longer be the face of it.)

A new account has been created @commafultips which will contain all of the pieces that have been made under this account.

All of the previously made posts have been edited and shortened to fit the new colors and image; and it will be placed into that account.

Commafultips.com wants to be a place for you, that is focused on helping you get better and have fun while you take part of this community.

It is abundantly clear that Commaful writers have immense energy and drive. As well as a need to improve the things around them

Which is why we want to give you all of the help you need to channel that energy into something, you can be proud of.

Commafultips.com will be a place for writers to practice their craft and improve their ability to communicate their ideas.

Our promise to you is that the quality of your craft will affect the kind of connections you make with other writers and that will enrich your life, in surprising , and gratifying ways.

Commafultips.com will remain non-profit and will have no political affiliation or opinions regarding the affairs of the outside world.

We simply wish to promote the idea that writing and creating should strengthen the character and integrity of a person.

We admire and respect those who use writing and storytelling to unite and make the opposites come together.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to DM me. In the meantime, you may follow the account: @commafultips

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