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How to push on -

The idea is this: You have a feeling for how your life should be and when the feeling doesn't match, you 404

The first thing to note is that this is how 99.9 percent of us live all the time. So there is nothing wrong with U

The reason for that is that both you and everything else in existence​ is always changing itself

It is not supposed to be easy to figure out how to live your life, because that is part of the fun of being alife.

The thing you want is an unshakeable feeling that regardless of the changes in life, you will thrive through them.

That is about becoming a master at being alive. It is the hardest thing to do, so don't beat yourself up for "failing"

I can give you direction but you'll have to figure out how to navigate to the other side of it.

The #1 most important skill you want to learn is how to invoke Order out of Chaos.

That akin to giving life. There are infinite levels of actions which you can take that are part of that category.

The first habit you should learn is how to properly make your bed when you wake up

It might seem "silly" because we have been taught to look for the "spectacle" the fame and the flashy lights.

But if you want to enjoy all that life can offer to you, then you need to embrace your role as a creator of Order.

Once you get good at it you will have access to "higher" level of Order and there you'll find things such as Poetry

Religion, Science, Art & Engineering are all high-level​ techniques which we use to create new things from Chaos

Your task is to look, to really see and feel in the transcendent nature of "making bed"

When you do that, you become an agent which restores back life and you are aligned with the good around u

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