Fifth - Bitesize Truths 08

Fifth - Bitesize Truths 08 fifth stories
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rosarlei 👊
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Five things I am trying to not be embarrassed about
I had NO idea that this is how you spelled Fifth

Fifth - Bitesize Truths 08

There are things, places in my brain for which I haven't found the key

Pain #1 Dates, birthdays. My brain refuses to hold on to these

Pain #2 Countries and capitals ... I can not grasp that either

Pain #3 Spelling... How many times I misspell: "Writer"

Pain #4 Arithmetic Taught Uni Calc... Can't add numbers

Pain #5 Lyrics. I can't remember any at all, ever.

My brain refuses to cooperate there, so I am trying to figure that out.

And it's interesting, because I went as far as developing my own methods on how to learn. But the more time goes on, the less able I am of changing that.

Which is interesting because they are things we consider to be a sign of intelligence. Anyway, the hell and the fuck with it lol

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