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Bring it to Zero

At times I interrupt in an attempt to get across the fact that in this life I have yet to nullify the counter of my labor for whose existence I endeavor

For the past two years, I have made an observation which sort of blurted out in the form of that poem. And if you are interested I will briefly share it with you.

Among the things there is to do as a human being, I think hearing and listening is at the very top. It does not come easy to me at all, I suck at it.

But there has been many times in which listening gave me great joy and I was compelled to listen to the other person actively. Meaning they told me they felt heard.

Related to the capacity to listen is the disposition to bond with others, particularly with my family. These two things would be closely related to most people and they matter to me.

My observation is that there is an inherent degree of shame that begins to take over our life when we fail to not only achieve success but to strive and to work earnestly.

Growing up I inadvertently picked up values from the media and others around me, which undermined traditional values such as as the ones I mentioned.

It is no wonder so many of us are so impatient, unwilling to listen and bent of being famous and rich, OR the equally harmful end which is to deny yourself of success.

More or less on the failed notion that you already have "enough" and it would be immoral to strive for more when so many others don't have X or Y.

Based on the resulting actions, there are two reasons for we would believe that idea. 1. It gives us a way out of the responsibility and trouble that comes with success.

2. It gives us the false notion that our actions are based on compassion. When in fact, the one and only person for whom we are responsible is ourselves.

The reason I wrote this was because I believe we all have a set of things we must do and achieve and if we do not do those, we grow anxious, fearful and intolerant.

Those things breed regret and resentment, and those emotions create weak people and weak people create bad times.

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