Bitter Chocolate Tears for Lunch

Bitter Chocolate Tears

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rosarlei "Here, Play" ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ 🕷
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**Don't read it. You'll regret it.**

I told Iqra I wanted to write a story about chocolate and tears that was not a cliché.

My version of a Children's Book :P

Bitter Chocolate Tears for Lunch

There was once a left eye tear He was jealous of his rightmost peer. For every time the hand reach up to dry them the left would right's next.(?!)

To make matters worse This tear was confounded By the fact that it was Bob The sponge, the one who invited The right tear to lunch.

Not only am I second in the wipe but I am being secreted by this strange body type who does nothing but eat sweet chocolate out of boxes from the closet.(???)

"Damn you right-most tear! How come you are always first whenever this bitch does a cloudburst?

Clouds...tears...chocolate ...lunch? I know! I shall forever make chocolate bitter, and laugh as those fools faces turn to frowns and sullen looks!"

OMG! What happened next??!

So, the left tear managed to get himself dropped into a glass of water. Bob drank the water and peed the tear out during the night. The tear then swam to the surface and evaporated into the clouds. Once it was up there, it started to have super bitter sex with all of the other water droplets and had billions of bitter and hateful offsprings.

wow! that sounds like it would very difficult to do!

NOP, super easy! Barely an inconvenience.

They held tight up there until the clouds passed over Latin America. That's when they finally let themselves land on the cocoa plantations. It took a while, but they eventually made their way into the nutrients of the cocoa plants.

Their determination was so strong, that the DNA of the plant itself was changed.

From now on Cacao would never be sweet again, not unless someone drenched it in sugar, caramel and milk. But who would do such a thing?

Lesson of the story: The world is not driven by love, but by determined and laser focused entitled whiny bitches who feel life owns them something.


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