An Inevitable Meeting

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rosarlei 👊
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You might want to skip this one. It's an off day.

An Inevitable Meeting

I'm always on the lookout;

I'm always on the lookout; thinking today might be the day I'm forced into you.

I know exactly how it goes. Or rather how it feels. Because results tend to equate.

Disapproval, complain & blame: To my feet, every one of your missteps feels the same.

Never did you correct it either. No way you'll grab some...

You are so fucking weak.

God...I wish I did believe that.

God...I wish I did believe that. Anything to feel anger.

To see someone you admire and respect suddenly... Step SO low...anger? I feel covered in viscous filth. Never a full breath again.

By now I've heard it all... : "It just hurts so much"

"I feel I am trapped under Ice"

"You clearly don't care".

and my favourite:

"I gave you everything"


There is one line I never heard:

A friend told me:

A friend told me: "I'm sorry".

I asked:

I asked: "What for?"

He said:

He said: "Oh, You haven't heard?"

And then I knew.

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