-A voice transmits over the distance-

-A voice transmits 

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rosarlei "Here, Play" ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ 🕷
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Part 5 of the story: "Michael and Chalice of Glory" What made the Devil himself shake his head.

-A voice transmits over the distance-



The fight was over but the words still echoed in Michael's head

Unbeknownst to him it was the chanting of the first MEN

The vase from which Michael first arose

And the creature

And the creature which he felt forced

And the creature which he felt forced to give his life for.

The more enemies he slayed

The more enemies he slayed the stronger he got

The more enemies he slayed the stronger he got and the louder

the chanting became!


GLORY!! He could feel something was building up inside

But he did not know and could not care.

In front of him stood the Devils Commander ready to charge at him at any moment

And the tremor? It seemed unchanged so Michael took the chance to take complete control over his body

and focus on the one enemy which now stood right in front of him

Mind, Body Soul and Spirit were about to unite and create a monster which not even the Devil could smite

The Commander tensed up and readied himself to charge just as Michael closed his eyes and brought his attention to the core.

Heat rapidly built from inside and Michael's Armor began to glow.

With eyes wide open not able to understand but fully aware of the danger,

the Commander launched himself towards Michael hoping to stop what was about to come.

A powerful shockwave released from Michael's chest as his Armor glowed in the most intense hot red.

Forced to a halt the Commander cleaned his visor letting the tiniest gasp escape from him.

What Michael was holding was not a weapon, and the Commander knew it.

The Commander stopped; extended one arm to let his sword drop and released the straps that held his armor in place.

Everyone knew what the event meant.

There was no one in Hell, no even the Devil himself who could stand up to Michael.

there was a moment of silence and soon it was as if the air itself had been completely sucked out from the place

and suddenly the chant...


glory GLORY!

glory GLORY! GLORY!!!!!!

it was now out of control and just as Michael was about to lose his self-control the chanting ceased once more.

"Well done."

"Well done." - a voice whispered to him

He turned around but saw no one

"What are you doing?"

"What are you doing?" - the voice whispered once more

Michael stood still, saying nothing. His eyes scanning the landscape.

"Oh, you won't find me there."

"I am communicating with you from a distance."

"I am not sure what you did, but I suddenly became...


Powerful, beyond anything I could imagine."

"And I have a good feeling

this was all

this was all thanks

this was all thanks to you

this was all thanks to you.

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