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I started to think about systems and dreams and life and people and ...

17 - Systems

I don't know how to feel about this:

When I was 25 I met a girl who would soon become my girl friend

She was studying a B.A in Psychology at the university of Aberdeen

At the time I had been teaching myself quite a bit about the subject. (for about 4 years)

So, when we started talking I was excited to learn about what she was studying.

One of the thing that stroke me as odd is that she was told that Freud was basically a moron

And she had not even heard about Carl Jung

At the time, I still thought that ALL university prof. knew what they were talking about.

I didn't have the capacity to think for myself, yet. So I took that at face value and carried on.

But once I was forced into opening my eyes a bit more, I was shocked

I started to realize how much we can overestimate our knowledge about things we don't know.

It's worth thinking about it to make sense of the effect that other people's​ opinion can have on us.

Normal people, like us can't understand what it takes to become a guy like S. Freud.

Not only do you have to be a complete genius, you also,​ have to sacrifice your entire being for that.

On top of that, you need to work, ALL the time and get help and support from everyone and, be lucky.

And many more things. People like that are a walking miracle...

And yet, the general consensus can be: "Oh, that guy was an idiot"

But I guess that is what we often do with the ideals, we resent them for judging us.

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