She Should Have Left When...

She Should Have Left When... feelings stories

rosariatrisna Just a poet who is nervous.
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The weird feelings inside make words feel so alive.

She Should Have Left When...

She should have left when the lightning in his eyes struck. The rain streaming down the pathetic walls of her home. The thunderstorm in his voice and the tornado in his actions. It deprived the girl who should have ran.

Still, she stood in place mesmerized by the gallant display. The back door was so many steps, she could run. But the thunder in her heart over rules the screaming in her head. But rage breathed on his skin and fear curled up on hers.

What a hurricane this mess was. A fight for survival in this flood! She should have... she should have.. Bruising remarks said lightning strikes. What a beautiful ballet.

She shouldn't let this moment ruin her small storm. But instead she should prepare to strike back! Send lightning, hail, wind, something! But all she could make was rainfall.. harmony and rainfall.

So, she should have left when the clouds turned gray...

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