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In a place far enough from the city crowd, there's a magnificent mansion surrounded by forest. The building's old but still looks luxurious and expensive. The calm atmosphere makes the sound of wild animals heard. No one knows for sure who owns the mansion and since when the building was there.

Red Spider Lily roora

In a place far enough from the city crowd, there's a magnificent mansion surrounded by forest. The building's old but still looks luxurious and expensive.

The calm atmosphere makes the sound of wild animals heard. No one knows for sure who owns the mansion and since when the building was there.

What circulated in the people was only stories about the mansion, most said that the place was haunted. The people's fear caused not many people to know the location of the mansion.

They assumed that the forest where the mansion was cursed and no one dared to enter it. They call it the Mansion X in the cursed forest.

One day there was a boy who got lost and arrived at the mansion. It's been almost 2 hours he walked around the forest, his legs began to hurt and bleed.

He intended to ask for help but there was no one there, the bell was still functioning. He kept ringing the bell, but there was no answer.

He tried to surround the place and reached the backyard. Where there's a vast flower garden, full of color red that beautiful.

The boy was stunned by its beauty, he forgot his original purpose of being there. He approached the garden and tried to reach for the flowers there.

Until suddenly there was a sound that surprised him.

"who's there?"

The child was confused and tried to find the source of the sound which turned out to be from the mansion. He walked towards the mansion, he saw a girl who was several years older than him.

He tried to clean up his dirty clothes and began to talk.

"I'm camping with my classmates in the Ash Forest. When I was looking for water I was lost, I came here to seek help "

"You went too far, Ash forest's on the west, here's on the east. Are you really lost?"

Hearing that, the boy was shocked and lost hope. His body began to tremble, his eyes began to glaze over, he began to cry but no sound was heard.

Seeing this made the girl sigh and start approaching him.

"Don't cry, if you're a good kid. I'll take you to the Ash forest. How's it?"


The boy stopped crying and followed the girl into the mansion. He sat quietly on the soft sofa, he began swinging his injured leg.

The girl brought back the wound medicine and bandages, she began to treat the boy's legs.

Withstanding the pain, he frowned but seeing the girl trying as soft as possible with his wound made him smile. After finishing treating his legs, they headed for the dining room.

The boy's asked to have lunch before going to the Ash forest. Luxurious food lined up in front of him from appetizers to desserts.

He hesitantly began to eat it, seeing that the girl smiled and told him to eat a lot.

After finishing their meal they prepared to head for the Ash forest, when they were in the garden the girl was seen heading into the middle of the garden and standing still there.

Out of curiosity the boy approached her, looked at her briefly then asked.

"Are you okay Sis?"

"Of course"

"Do you like this garden?"

"Yes ... red spider lily"


"The name of this flower is red spider lily"

"You like it?"

"Not really, let's go"

He followed the girl while holding her hand. They began to walk through the forest. He kept staring at the girl from behind, smiling faintly. Knowing that the girl chuckled.

The bright sunlight from behind the trees that emit colorful colors accompanied them as if they were smiling too. Staring and exchanging smiles, they feel like they're close to each other.

A trip that makes their hearts warm even without speaking. Their journey seemed brief even though hours had passed.

Until finally, they reached the border of the forest many signs say not to cross the line.

"We arrived, just go straight ahead you will find your friends"

"Thank you very much"

He started walking towards Ash's forest, but only a few steps afterward he stopped and looked back. The girl's still standing there looking at him with a smile.

The boy returned to her with a little run.

"Sis, can I go back there again?"

Hearing his question made the girl laugh, she held her aching stomach from laughing too much.

"You see this. Forbidden to enter this forest, especially you're still a child. Don't come back again "

Hearing that answer, he began sulking and looked disappointed. He was still standing there staring at the forest barrier.

"If I'm an adult, may I coming there?"

"You might have forgotten the way"

"I won't"

"then I'll make you forget it"

"I still have a lot of question to ask"

"What do you want to know?"

"Why are you in a place like this?"

"Because I'm a girl"



"Why are you alone here?"

"I was exiled"

"You said you hated the flower, but why in your vast garden's there only one type of flower?"

"Because we are same in many ways"

Not understanding the meaning of the girl's answer, the boy gave up. He sighed and began to turn towards the road home. He walked slowly until the girl spoke again.

"When I was born they thought of me as a red spider lily because I was born a girl"

The boy stopped his steps, though he did not turn around he nodded in agreement that he was listening.

"My family only wants a son, because if a girl is born, she will be cursed. And that is true, I am the only one who different from my siblings. I .... can see death"

"They exiled you because they're afraid, is not that coward?"

"Are you afraid too?"

"No, you're a good person"

The girl then smiled at the boy. She turned towards her mansion. Then the boy turned around with a smile on his face and he said.

"When I come back later, tell me about your flower garden. Promise!!"

He ran into the forest which's increasingly far away invisible. The girl was still standing there staring at the shadow of a boy who was already invisible.

She then smiled and continued on her way home that felt long. Along the way she remembered was her initial journey with the boy. She chuckled and smiled at the sky until she reached her mansion.

The flower garden's illuminated by the evening sun which creates a beautiful red gradation. She walked between them and softly grabbed the flowers one by one until the sunset.

In the dark, she stares towards the vast sky. She slowly said,

"lost he said, searching for water he said. You aren't scared at all when I said I can see death. You suck of lying, but hurry becomes an adult and come back. I have many questions to ask too"

10 years later, the boy returned to that place. At this time he has grown up, he steadily entered the forest border which is full of signs.

He circled the path to that place trying to remember which path he should choose. It had been a long time since he had been there, certainly, a lot had changed.

But he made it to the mansion that still looks the same. It's just that the flower garden's getting wider, he walks to the middle of the garden.

He tried to reach for one of the flowers that were there until suddenly a familiar voice was heard from inside the mansion.

"Who's there?"

He smiled as he walked toward the mansion, he took off the hat he wore while waving his hand.

"It's me, sorry for waiting long"

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