The Journal of a girl, stranded with a boy, on a deserted island.
The Journal of a girl, stranded with a boy, on a deserted island. stories
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rooney08An awkward teen who likes frenchfries :)
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The Journal of a girl, stranded with a boy, on a deserted island.

By rooney08

If your reading this, it means you've stumbled upon a


You see,

we were flying out to my see my best friend

She moved away last year. I promised to see her graduation.

So much for that plan.

I've been stranded on this stupid, internet-free island for


No phone.

No frenchfries.

No Hailey.

No Lucy.

And no parents.

They didn't make it

My Dad gave this to me years ago.

I hate this stupid journal.

I hate that its the only thing left of my parents.

I hate that I can't rant to anyone. I can only write.

. . .

Well... writing is better then talking to that idiot.

I'm not alone on the island.

I don't know if that's good or bad

There's this stupid,



know it all guy, who's stranded here with me.

His name is Tyler.

I hate him with every bone in my body

or maybe I just hate guys in general.

I doubt it.

If we were back to civilization I bet I would still hate him

He acts like a plane crashing in the middle of know where

is my fault.

It's not like I WANTED to get stranded on an island with him

or have my parents die right in front of me. . .

He doesn't know how it feels.

To lose both your parents.

He was traveling alone.

His parents must have paid to put him on the plane . . .

I shouldn't judge him though. I don't know his story.

I dont know him

Then again. He doesn't know me either.

He has a camera with him.

He brings it with him everywhere.

I look at at the photos when he sleeps.

It's not creepy I swear.

I asked him once if I could see the photos ...

He told me that just because we were stranded together

doesn't mean he wanted to talk to me.

In fact, he said he'd rather have gone down with the plane.

*cough* Asshole *cough*

Anyways. back to his photos.

They were breath taking.

I was shocked when I found one of...


I turned off his camera after that.

I couldn't imagine why...

Why would he take a picture of me?

I wasn't pretty. I was just . . . average

I'm not trying to be modest.

I have dull brown hair and

brown eyes


Anyways. . . I didn't sleep that night.

The next morning was awkward

More than usual

Once he woke up I told him I was going to find some food.

Not that he cared what happened to me.

I found some raspberries.

Not gonna lie. I was pretty damn proud of myself

On the way back I tripped

and sprained my ankle

which was incredibly stupid of me.

I couldnt move. So I sat there


I met a bunny though.

I named him Herbert.

He wasn't very scared of me.

If I wasn't trying to fend for my life I'd ask to keep him.

Tyler found me when it began getting dark

If I didn't know any better I would say he was scared.

I think that was the raspberries talking.

He reminded me of how stupid I was

and mumbled something about ... having to stay with me?

He glanced at me as he stoked the fire that night.

I wen't to sleep watching him stir the flames.

The next morning I tried to walk. He rolled his eyes

and wrapped my arm around his shoulder

When we got back he helped splint my ankle

Later in the day we wasted time by watching waves break

He asked me why I was on the plane

I said I was flying alone.

I asked him the same question

He said he was visiting his Grandmother.

I knew it was BS. I had lied and so had he.

I glanced over at him and the next thing I knew

he was grinning and suddenly took his shirt off

Not gonna lie. He had abs

He picked me up and threw me in the water.

My ankle was throbbing and it was hard to swim.

I said nothing.

He caught me 100 % off guard

We splashed around for a while like we were regular teens

who werent deserted on an island in the middle of know where

and dried off under the stars

As I lie under the stars I began thinking. . . . .

Why the hell was he being so nice to me?

Was it a survival tactic?

Did he come to terms with the fact that we were

the only ones here?

If you want to know the answer you'll have to wait

because i'm tired and I need to sleep away my problems.

Until tomorrow.


the girl who's stranded with a boy, on a deserted island,


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