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Just about the clouds...


Floating by

Just collected water vapour

But with such an impact.

Something so simple, yet so elegant.

The highlight of two lovers' day, as they sit and stare up at you.

Trying to find common shapes that they can laugh at and create memories of.

You inspire people too.

From the little kid who spots a rocket ship shaped ball of mist in the sky, sparking his love for the stars, thus guiding him in life to become an astronaut.

Or the lonely painter trying to overcome their artist block, who sees a beautiful lady in the sky and goes on to paint the next Mona Lisa.

However, you aren't always beautiful.

With the ability to destroy buildings and lives in a matter of seconds.

You're scary.

Yet without you, we wouldn't be alive.

Sometimes even I look up and wonder about things. About everything.

You guide so many thoughts.

All of these terrible and wonderful things, caused by a collection of water vapour.

Imagine how your words could affect someone.


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