The Beginning!
The Beginning! reallife stories

ronwaldrop Starting something NEW
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Based on real life (short story) more to come!!

The Beginning!

Today I begin the start of something brand new. Something i have never done before, i would love to use this as a way to express my feelings on life into a story.

This day i tell everyone who reads my stories can learn or hopefully take something out of this to use in their life.

My name is Ron and i am 31 years old, my mother named Terri passed away a few years ago. It was hard on my step dad and i.

My step father is Dave but likes to go by Mike, kinda a username from past memory. I like to believe Mike took it the hardest because he has changed alot, but then again so have i...

I use to be active, happy & understanding but now i feel empty.

Mike on other hands use to be quite, anti-active & angry but now he has been very active, happy and a little more racist more then normal. He almost acts child like... i have no idea why...

i dont know alot of things going on and would love too. Maybe death changes the living? Enough on that though, because today i like to talk more about myself....

I have gotten alot better like yesterday i was active more then i have been which i felt great about, just wish i can keep it going and get out of this new found shyness.

Its hard to go from being crazy and random to being quite and shy and trying to revert back...

Today is the start of these storys ill do more when i can!!! every story i do from here on will be my life story.

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