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TW// A bit of a more personal piece, but
I wrote this over a year ago, and finally decided to take it out of my drafts.


by ronnie

You wanted to scar your skin

So when you turned 18 you got your first tattoo

And I know, it was very exciting and new

You flaunted it about

And you were so proud

Showing your self expression upon your skin

But little did they know that the thread was thin

That your mental state was unstable

And you sat there with a letter and a bottle of pills at your kitchen table

But you were unable

But now you're 23

And feel the need To tattoo yourself

With a razor blade found on your bathroom shelf

And you refuse to get help

Because relaxing and relapsing have become the same thing for you

And you have no clue

Of what you're about to do

Going down this wrong avenue

And now all you see are hues

From the flashlight

The paramedic flashes in your eyes

And would you still bare you arms

Showing off your scars

Because scars last just like a tattoo

And don't disappear like a bruise

And I know you chose to choose

To live with this self abuse

But you're only 23

And the stench of death lingers

Under the nails of your fingers

Everywhere you go

You're followed by a murder of crows

Waiting to see if you'll flaunt your tattoos again

Or if you'll continue to pretend

That you're not dead

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