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Just a humorous story. Something I wrote to make myself laugh. New to this site and enjoying it immensely. “Kagome” and “Inuyasha” are the names of characters in the anime series Inuyasha.

Anime Cake


“Yes, sir?”

“I need a new shirt.”

“Why do you need a new shirt, sir?”

“I appear, um...this is difficult to say, and I’m quite embarrassed but, uh...I appear to have gone to the bathroom in my shirt.”


“Shirley, I don’t want to explain it again. Please, just bring me a new shirt.”

“Okay sir, give me 10 minutes.”

At this point in the story, please imagine the Jeopardy theme song. Doo dee doo doo doo dee doo.

Doo dee doo dee doo doodoo dee doo.

“Here’s your shirt.”

“Ah yes, a Ralph Lauren polo shirt. I do love Ralph Lauren shirts.”

“I know you do, Mr. Lacoste,” said Shirley, “anything else, sir?”

“If you would, Shirley, please dispose of this shirt.”

“Will do, sir.”

“And Shirley?”

“Yes, Mr. Lacoste?”

“What is that intravenous drip you’re carrying around? It looks quite fetching.”

“Oh, it’s liquid anime.”


“Yes, sir,” said Shirley, “you can get it as either an intravenous drip, or a cake.”

“I see,” said Mr. Lacoste, “very intriguing.”

“Of course, you could also watch all of it,” said Shirley, “but who has the time to do that?”

“Well, you’re right about that,” said Mr. Lacoste

“Shirley, would you please go to the supermarket and get me one of those anime cakes you were talking about?”

“Certainly, sir.” She left.

Now, imagine, again, the Jeopardy music.

Doo dee doo doo etc.

“Here’s your cake, sir.”

“Lovely! Was it difficult to acquire?”

“It certainly was, sir. The things were selling like hot cakes.”

“The cake is hot?”

“No, sir. ‘Selling like hotcakes’ is just an expression.”

“Ah, very good,” said Mr. Lacoste, cracking his knuckles, “I can’t abide hot cake. You may go, Shirley.”

Shirley left.

Mr. Lacoste tucked into the cake.

He ate one piece.

Then another.

And another until he ate the entire cake.

He called her in.


“Shirley, I...would it be okay if I called you Kagome instead of Shirley?”

“You can call me anything you want, sir.”

“And don’t call me sir, call me...Inuyasha.”

“Very well, Inuyasha.”

“Kagome...may I take you to dinner?”

“I would love nothing more, sir...

I mean, Inuyasha.”

Mr. Lacoste smiled.

“Okay, let’s go.”

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