Reigniting the Flame
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Just an objective story based upon personal events.

Reigniting the Flame

by Rona Randall

When you first feel it. It's a glowing passion.

It just keeps growing and growing and flourishing.

Sometimes it is just so intense that you feel

Completely out of control!!!

It's just soo invigorating that you begin to feel unhinged

Like the brunt of the Love, it's pushing you to pieces...

You're discarding parts of your old battered self

And gaining new parts, more refreshed feelings

But you're falling into them, Like a love ball pit

you Just keep getting more and more, from that person

New experiences, New feelings, New perspectives, New family.

It's all so much that it can be sort of nerve wracking

at times you may miss your lonely solitude...

you may even miss being lonely again,

you might begin to abhor your partners presence vice versa

But then you reflect on the current you, the present happy.

So much happiness is occurring in the here and now, him/her

You look back blankly at who you were

And what you were doing before they entered your life...

The time, it's passed like a whirlwind, where did the time

Go?? Where the fuck did all that time GO??

You've existed before them, you were born and lived before

But now it seems like your life, from birth to the moment

Before you met them....

it all just seems like a blur..

All the love that has been shared, has become your entire


LIFE before LOVE becomes a Blur

But you don't care, you just wanna focus on being there

in the moment('s) because they never stop...

and there are many....

you keep looking and looking and you might miss them.......

just stay present because eventually

Something's going to happen.

and there won't be anymore moments

there will still be moments, but you won't be sharing them

the moments won't link together, they'll be scattered

and you'll be confused, one second you had the world

and then in mere seconds it all just vanished

all the moments begin to rush past you like an angsty Amtrak

you can't keep up with them, they're all moving too fast

the moments are fading and rushing and blurring

you find your self trying to figure out where it all

WENT WRONG ? ? ? ? ? ?

But if you focus hard enough, and let them flow over you

a new journey will unfold

Don't focus on the ending, focus on improving your faults.

focus on the sunsets

The sand filled kisses

and the late night adventures

focus on the brightness that they brought you

and let everything else fade away

Fighting for love is a gamble, but its worth it.

I Promise.

it may be confusing right now, in this moment

But if you try hard enough, focus hard enough I promise

You will get those Sunsets...

Sandy Kisses

and crazy, "we might die!" late night adventures


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