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Somniabunt - Poem: love stories

romeo_angelino good old-fashioned lover boy, 17
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My most recent love poem. Hope you all enjoy

Somniabunt - Poem:

It’s not typical of me to dream during the night; I tend to drift off to my fantasies during the day, In front of my desk with a pen in hand. I don't dream, much less dream about you.

I'm a psychopath in love, always using my wit And charm to manipulate others into getting what I want; I use your trust to my advantage and feel no remorse And when i do dream, it’s in black and white.

I don't dream, I don’t dream, I don't love, I can’t love, I don't want to love. But last night, I loved you in my dreams.

I grabbed your waist, decorated with multicolored corals, I lifted your soft chin to look into your eyes. I saw the moon reflected in them, and I fell in love, Like a bird who dreams of flying to the moon.

I kissed your lips, softened with the breeze Of this forbidden atmosphere. You just looked into my eyes and said you loved me, And somehow, I believed you.

Now I see I have a heart, mutilated with frivolous hope. A heart that undresses impatiently with Only hearing your voice, eager to let you Accept it the way it is, flaws and all.

And perhaps, just maybe, i love you too. I love that my heart makes love pirouettes when i feel your lips, I love that i see your silhouette when i think of something beautiful, I love that it’s hard to put down in words how much I love you.

Before the dream is over, and I wake up To my senseless self, always remember that i love you, Even if only in my dreams, Even if only while im alseep.

Always remember that i love you; When I smile, know that you're the reason why. If this is what dreams are like, forget life, I'll sleep right through it.

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