Poem - "As a Man who Loves Forever" - Romance
Poem - "As a Man who Loves Forever" - Romance romance stories

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A poem in dedication to longing lovers.

Poem - "As a Man who Loves Forever" - Romance

I raise this curtain to show a face,

Streaming with the tears of fear.

Kiss me, beautiful one, before the noose wraps itself,

About my idle neck.

I have loved an angel,

And gave until I was emptiness,

I will remain as emptiness,

To focus on your delicate face,

And how the world could crush

All the beauty away from my reach.

Love has made me strong,

Love has made me fragile.

As a man who loves forever,

I still cling upon pain.

Confusion drinks the waters,

Of my frozen soul.

Love has a merry way

Of showing affection.

It is so, for I've become solitary

Against the waves of family.

I am so tired,

To find wholeness, once more,

And so, I will lay beside you,

In a bed of snow.

I would die, willingly,

To merely see your face still smiling.

For what haunts me the most,

Is the blood that may come,

And so, my mind cannot ever ease.

My mind cannot ever ease.

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