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The Riddle

“Hello Misty Owl ” said Bonnie the Rabbit , How is your day doing today?”

“ Hello Bonnie the Rabbit” replied Misty the Owl “ I’m fine , as a porcupine, without the prickly Spines ”

“So what’s the riddle for the Day?” asked Bonnie the Rabbit

“Well , let’s start with the first Clue” replied Misty The Owl

“What can run but never walks?” “ I’ll give you an hour to think about it”

“That’s a good one Misty Owl, I’ll come back in an hour” Bonnie Rabbit replied!

Bonnie Rabbit took a walk and thought hard! Only things with legs , run, but geeze, they must walk too! Rabbit was stumped

An hour Later! Well, Bonnie Rabbit, do you have an answer for me?”

“A water facet runs, but doesn’t walk!” “An animal runs, but it walks too! So No, I can’t solve the riddle as of yet!” Replied Misty the Rabbit

“Ok then , here is your next clue!” “What has a mouth but never talks!???” “ I’ll give you another hour!” Hooted , Misty the Owl

“Wow that’s just so hard!” Exclaimed Bonnie the Rabbit What never speaks? Maybe A deaf creature? She thought

An hour later Do you have an answer For me Bonnie Rabbit? Asked Misty the Owl

“Ummm, no that was just too hard Misty Owl, do you have any more clues! ?”

“Ok , What has a head but never weeps!” Asked Misty the Owl! I’ll give you two hours to think This time!

Hmm! Rabbit thought long and hard! Lots of animals have heads! Strong men don’t weep, but they walk! Geeze! Rabbit was getting tired! So She took an hour nap!

2 hours later “Ok , Bonnie Rabbit do you have an answer for me?”

“Only strong men don’t weep! But they walk, so I haven’t got a clue to the riddle ! Sigh!” Any more clues? Asked Bonnie the Rabbit

“One last clue ! If you can’t solve the riddle , I ‘ll win the game! Ok?” Hooted Misty the Owl

“Ok, ok!!!” Replied Bonnie the Rabbit “Give me the last clue”

“What has a bed but never sleeps!” Asked Misty the Owl “ok , I’ll give you the rest of the day! You can come back to me tomorrow”

Ok thanks! I’ll see you tomorrow Misty Owl !” Replied Bonnie the Rabbit

After a long walk through The forest, rabbit made it home! She was very thirsty so she drank water from her bowl! Then she thought, about the river!!Why didn’t she drink Some water then !

Thinking about the last clue, She realized, a river has a bed but never sleeps, it has a mouth but never speaks , it has a head and never weeps, it runs but never walks!

Next Day “Ok, Bonnie Rabbit, did you solve my riddle?” Asked Misty the Owl?

“ it’s a River, replied Bonnie Rabbit “ To Misty the Owl I got thirsty , when I got home and thought I should have Stopped at the river! That’s when all the clues made Sense

Yes indeed! It’s a River! You win! Hooted Misty the Owl! To Bonnie Rabbit Tomorrow it’s your turn to Think of another Riddle

The Riddle Romantic Bloom

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