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It’s a cat’s life!

Pro-Cat-Stinator By Romantic Bloom

Hello my name is Simba, After Disney’s lovable cub! And this epidemic is simply Not fair! I can’t go outside and be adventurous!

So all I do is Sleep and Eat! There’s chores I like to do Cleaning up after my sister’s Plates, is the best! Yum! Did I mention I love to eat! My owner thinks I am a neurotic pet! Anytime someone chews anything! I meow for food! Meow, Meow!

When I was a young adventurous feline , I liked Exploring! I use to play hide And seek with my sisters! Did I forget to mention I am A male Tabby!

I like to introduce you to my sisters

This is my sister Mittens! She wasn’t too happy we Found her!

But she’s still a very sweet sister!

This is my sister Misty!

Here I am with Misty! We are both fixed so my Owner can’t figure out why I give her love bites! It must be her Beautiful eyes!

But even if she gets mad, we Still get along! Here we are Sharing a cat bed!

I snuggle with Mittens too!

This is my favorite Snap Cat Pose I may be a a Pro-cat-stinator But I will never put off eating!

Well, Stay Safe Humans! Please wear a Mask, and don’t forget! It’s Ok to be a Pro-Cat-stinator Have a Purrfect Day

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