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By romanticbloom1

My Dearest Romantic One

People come and go in our lives Some people just leave a loving impression! Susan was one of these beautiful people

We met online in an online chat room! Who would have thought Friendships could be built in cyber space!

We started out exchanging Hello’ s and Goodbye’s ! Soon we were exchanging Gifs, songs, and making web pages! A year into our cyber friendship,we exchanged phone numbers and address!

“My Dearest, Most Precious and So Truly Beautiful Romantic One” It was how she would address me in Her e-mails... I addressed her as “ My Dearest Sussy One”

Our friendship grew, and with time she taught me what a true friendship really Was! We listened to each other’s woes! The deaths in our family! First her father, then step-mother!

Then her uncle! I wrote her many poems, and she appreciated them all! Another year passed by , and her health took a turn for the worse! She had so many things wrong with her! Sussy was always in pain!

“ I miss my grandkids” Susan Started saying!

“With all this pain, I can’t fight To see them! And my son is no help!” “ I’m sorry, my Dearest Sussy” I replied! All I could do was make videos and write poems to distract her!

One day for her Birthday, I sent her the biggest surprise! A portrait I had drawn and painted”

“Oh, my thank you So much My Dearest Romantic One! Nobody has ever done something So special like this”

Through the years! I’ve come To know what love truly is! Even on her sickest days She was able to cheer me up! My father passed away, and her Encouraging love got me through it! She read my Eulogy And said it was truly a wonderful Tribute!

We never met in person! She was too sick to travel! But after years of communication, I felt closer to her than anyone I had met! I loved writing poetry and drawing images for her! The Last one she loved! A sonnet

This was her favorite photo which I drew of her!

On her last Birthday We talked on the phone For 9 hours! It was fun, and the night Passed by quickly! The next day she sent me A heartfelt e-mail

“My Dearest Romantic One! I really wanted to share these pictures of St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, England 🇬🇧 with you that I was telling you about during the wee hours of this morning! Absolutely Incredible and Oh so Very Amazing! Just like you Love!”

Thinking of you and the future, I would really love and seriously hope that you can join me in goIng back home there, so as I may visit my family.” I kept reading on! It was a heartwarming letter! I too Wished we could travel together

“As you know only to well, I dearly love to travel! We can go to quite a few places In Europe! First and foremost, I can’t wait to have my favorite, special and most best friend in all the world into my home in Monterey! 🇺🇸” Now, Monterey is beautiful! I definitely wanted to go!

“🇺🇸 The guest room with it’s own private bath shall become your bedroom, always there for you when you come up to visit. I have so very many super wonderful things to share with you Dearest! As you know so truly, I have always said, It may be insane to live in a dream, yet it may be madness to live without one!

“Dearest, were you able to get some really sound hours of sleep today? Oh my stars!✨I simply can’t believe we spent a good 9 hours talking and sharing until the wee hours of the morning!” she wrote, I kept reading

“Oh Wow! I am still in awe of  your amazing talents with all your super wonderful gifts! 🎁” I had retouched a few photos of her Mother and Grandmother! They came out just lovely!

My heart was bursting with Love! Her letter was so beautiful and full of hope for the future!

There was a full moon in The night sky! Susan had Texted me ! To remind me

“Hello Dearest ... Be sure to look at the full moon tonight! It’s Beauty and The Aura around like Angel’s Wings in all its grand-ore are at one with you my dearest most precious friend! Muah 💋”

The moon was special to The both of us! “ I love you to the moon and back” Was a quote we often said to One another, after our weekly Night phone calls

In the few months that passed she was In and out of the hospital! Her health deteriorated so much! “I can’t take the pain no more, I think I’m just going to kill myself” cried Susan as we chatted on the phone!

I just didn’t know what to say!

Easter was coming! So as usual I made graphic cards, and art work for her! I texted them to her on Easter Day ! “🍃♥️🍃I really love the video! Totall Awesomeness! TYSM! 🍃♥️🍃”

“Hope I didn’t wake you” I texted “Didn’t wake me at all Hun ... Just did wake up about 30 min ago. Perfect timing in receiving my Goodies from you my Special Adorable Bunny!🐰” I had sent her a picture of me With bunny Ears

She wanted to talk on the phone, but I told her I had to cook the Easter meal, and that I would call her soon as I was free!

I called her later and ask her how she was doing “Not too good”she mumbled. I could hear the pain in her voice! We wished each other Happy Easter!

I told her I didn’t think it would be a sin if she decided to “kill Herself”

She mumbled back! I could Hear the weakness in her voice “It’s not God’s will” and something about account! Then we said Our I love you’s “ I just want my grandkids To get their money, when they Turn 25” she said

She hung up! I regretted Saying “ it’s not a sin to kill yourself” But after years Of suffering, I couldn’t blame her if she did!

A few days after Easter I tried reaching her! No response! I called her phone , texted her, I tried calling her apartment manager ! Even the hospitals

Finally at my wits end! I reached out to her grand daughter on snap chat app! Luckily Susan had sent me A link to her, but I never tried it!

After telling her, I was her grandmother’s friend, and telling her how I tried reaching her to no avail! She responded

“My Dad wants to speak with you!” She wrote and so I gave her My phone Number

“ My Mother died” he said when he called me” I had already suspected as much! But it was still hard to hear“ Is she in the morgue” I asked “Yes, she died on May 5” He replied” We chatted all but a minute and hung up!

It was a long month before I found out the cause of death! I prayed she didn’t kill herself! The guilt of my words were Hurting me, but not as much As losing my best friend in The whole world!

I found out from a friend of hers on Facebook who kept in touch with her son! “ She died of a Pulmonary Embolism” she wrote I was relieved!

Then I remembered During our phone chats She had told me many Times I was in her Will ! If anything happens To me I want you to get Your money! “Just go to my bank and get your money!”

I went to the bank but apparently none of her accounts had my name! I cried so hard that day! Many years of saying the Money was there , and it wasn’t! She had taken me out of her Will too, I assumed

Then I remembered her last Words to me “It’s not God’s Will” What she really said was “ You’re not in my will” and the word “account” Made Sense now too! You’re not in my bank account !

I didn’t hear Susan clearly because she was mumbling In pain! Anyhow, I figured now that she Was in touch with her grandkids, she had changed her will! That was truly ok!

After the shock of her death Wore out, I started writing More poetry! She’s an Angel in heaven, Just as she was in real life Now, I gaze at her photo on my desk and whisper “ I love you Sussy One”

by romanticbloom1

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