Keeping Our Distance by Romantic Bloom
Keeping  Our Distance

by Romantic Bloom covid-animals stories

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The COVID-19
humans fear, I heard
Canines can get it too

Keeping Our Distance by Romantic Bloom

They call me a Coyote In the wild for years I’ve roamed. But then came urbanization , now in the cities I can make a home I prey on small Animals, but I eat vegetation too!

I mostly forage through canyons and mountains Looking for something to eat But hikers always come by making new trails! One look at me and They clap their hands or stomp their feet some yell, others run

A few months back the trails were Empty of Humans, Just nature’s beautiful sounds No more Annoying clapping , or stomping of their feet on the ground

I could walk about without hearing Someone’s barking dog At night the only things I could hear were hooting owls, chirping crickets and croaking frogs And my beating heart

A few months past, the Humans were slowly Coming back to the trails again Wearing masks on their Faces , no longer could I see mouths , noses nor their chins They Kept their Distances From each other

Some Humans wore masks which had Beautifully designs of flowers Others wore masks sporting words “ Black Lives Matter”

“Coyote Lives Matter” Sometimes I wish I had a forever home So I could live my life , Comfy , no longer hunting bones! If only Humans knew, that I balance the ecosystem ! One less animal to worry about!

I read this sign yesterday We are Practicing Social Distancing I had to smile Because that’ what we Coyotes “Do”

I Think I’ll do what Coyotes do Keeping our Distance The COVID-19 Humans fear, I heard Canines can get it too

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