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“You're not Immortal yet”I yelled. I aimed my Gun at his heart

BLOOD LUST @romanticbloom1

I was never meant to be a Vampire But the day they killed my beloved Jasmine I wanted revenge

I had lost all my moral values!

The Devil Called me Count Blood Yes, I made a pack with Lucifer If I had Eternal Life I would do his biding....

Unfortunately Eternal Life meant one Thing, I needed blood to survive She was a beautiful Vampiress ! Not as delicate as Jasmine

After a night of seduction she ravaged my human body and converted me to a Blood Lusting Vampire

I cursed Lucifer at first, but Then I remembered my Beautiful Jasmine!

Lucifer wanted me as a Hit Man Yes, I was ordered to Kill people that got in His way

No, he didn't want me to convert these people to Vampires. Lucifer wanted them to rot in the pits of hell

I would disguise myself as a human during the day !

Yes, I was the only Commverse Vampire who wasn't affected by Sunlight

By night , I hunted for Jasmine's Killer But also I had to feed my hunger for Blood

The first time I killed someone , it was easy! Some book addict hooked on Commaverse I didn't ask Lucifer any questions

I deleted his account on Commaful Poor fellow died of sadness

My next victim would feed my hunger!

She was a beautiful woman, porcelain soft skin,

Blue Sapphire eyes but it was her resemblance to Jasmine that Intoxicated me!

I needed a female companion! Her Name was Petunia, another flowery name!

She was heading Home when I saw her! " Hello Charles She said

"Hello Petunia how are you ?" I asked "Great, Charles " what brings you Into Town?

"Hunger , do you want to go out for a bite?" I replied

When, we got to a secluded Place, I made my move!

I stroked her hair, she enjoyed it, then as I started to kiss her neck I bit her!

From that Moment on, Petunia and I were Inseparable

I did the Devils bidding! Petunia was the lure

Then at night we fed our hunger! It was during Halloween I spotted Jasmine's Killer

I owned a Haunted Mansion, and and all the Commaverse Party goers were coming It was the perfect opportunity, to blend in!

Jasmine's Killer was Invited! Everyone dressed In costumes, but now I could appear as myself Count Blood

Sydney was a rather handsome fellow with a good education

What drove him to Kill my Jasmine, I'll Never know

It was a Costume Party, and me and Petunia were ready for the kill. This is where his story begins, and mine ends

Hello, Petunia how are you? Sydney inquired "I'm rather famished Sydney,let's go get some refreshments?"

Sure, I'm pretty hungry myself! he replied They both headed to find refreshments

Our course I couldn't let Petunia Kill him I needed to know why he killed my Beloved Jasmine

"Wow, this Haunted Mansion is spooky Sydney rattled on As they walked Down some creaking Staircase, to the Dungeon

That's and odd place For refreshments " Sydney rattled on There were spiderwebs Draped on all the walls ghostly sounds coming from behind the walls

Oh Sydney! Are You Afraid of Ghost?" Petunia asked "These are just staged noises. I read it in the Flyer" Sydney replied

The Dungeon had Refreshments! and Sydney helped himself I kept my distance for awhile, watching Petunia do her magic

Yes, she was an Excellent lure " Why aren't you Eating Petunia, I thought you were Famished " Sydney Inquired

"I'm on a special diet"Petunia snickered " I want to drink Your blood" She said in a menacing Voice

"That's a good one Petunia, and by the way your Vampire Costume is fabulous " "Thank you, Sydney it's my favorite attire" Petunia replied

"You mean Costume?" Sydney corrected her "Of Course Sydney Let's explore the Mansion further "

The Mansion looks Rather empty, I figured there would be a lot of people here since it's Halloween " Sydney remarked

That's when I came out

" I'm a ghost from your past" I rattled on

"But you're dressed like a Vampire " Sydney smirked "Just call me Count Blood" I replied

Petunia, had slithered away like some Reptile Sydney, hadn't Noticed

I'm the Host Of this Party I told him "All the decor Is fabulous, and the Food is to die for!"

"You can say That again" Giving him a wicked Smile Come with me, I have Something to show you"

"Where is Petunia " Sydney asked She went to find something to eat, I snickered

"Umm, ok" he replied In an uncomfortable voice

Sydney Followed me I led him to a bedroom, Then we both entered

That's when he realized who I was There were pictures of me and Jasmine

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kill her" He shook with fright Then why did you leave her body to rot ? I asked

" I'm afraid they would not Believe me , so I ran away" Sydney replied now sweating Bullets

" How did you know, I did It" he asked

"The Devil told me!" I snickered Lucifer appeared on cue, and Sydney turned Pale as a ghost

Making a dash for the Door, he opened it only to find Petunia On the other side of it Going somewhere Sydney? She laughed

Now with two Vampires and a Devil, Sydney Felt queasy

" What are you going to do. Make me immortal" With that, I pulled out a gun and aimed it as his head!

"Now, tell me SYDNEY How did you kill her, or I'll will shoot your brains out"

Sydney, got down on his knees and begged "Please let me live, I have a Commaverse baby on the way"

But, the Devil looked at him " Sorry Sydney, but your Commaverse Entrepreneur Days are over"

Petunia, slithered towards Sydney I will make you immortal Just let me Drink your blood"

"Just get that Count away from me, and I'll let you" Sydney pleaded

Sydney turned to me "I pulled the trigger by mistake! Then I ran I knew, no one would Believe it was an accident!"

"Do it, shoot the Murderer" The Devil demanded

"Now you have your Answers Count Blood" The Devil Snickered

Sydney Tried Running His Life was over What did He have To lose

Petunia Trapped Sydney And with Her Blood lusting fangs Sucked his blood

You're not Immortal yet I yelled I aimed My Gun At his heart

"No, No" Sydney Cried I shot him straight in the Heart' "That was for my Jasmine "

Blood started oozing out You won't be immortal Sydney That was a SILVER BULLET

Petunia Smiled "Thanks For a Lovely Dinner Count Blood"

You're Welcome Darling

The Devil Grabbed His Pitchfork Drove it Into Sydney's Chest See you in Hell SYDNEY

The Devil left, and So did Petunia Now there Was only One thing Left to do

Kill Myself and leave my Hit Man days Behind

I pointed The Gun at my Chest

Did Count Blood Shoot Himself?

Would the Devil Stop Him?

All Charles Aka Count Blood Knew Was that he missed his Beautiful Jasmine

BLOOD LUST By Romantic Bloom

The End

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