A Trace of Murder
A Trace of Murder halloweenvampire stories

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A mother hires a detective to find her missing daughter! @idekanymorelol Horror Writing Contest

A Trace of Murder

My daughter has gone missing, Said the Lady? “My name is Bill” said the PI! Who might you be? “I am Debbie, and my daughter Is Diana!”

How can I help you Lady inquired Bill ! Bill was close to retiring, he figured, he’d take one last case!

“Debbie, it’s Halloween Season , Girls love to go shopping , have you checked the malls?”

“I called her friends , yet nobody has seen her! Yes, I’ve checked out her favorite mall!” Debbie Exclaimed, with a worried tone In her voice!

How old is your , is your daughter and when was the last time you saw her! asked Bill Something in her voice made him doubt her!

“This morning when she left for her algebra class!” Debbie answered, tear welled up in her eyes! Bill didn’t know if they were real of fake

“She’s 15 going on 30, a real tough Personality!I’m afraid maybe She pissed someone off!” “Does she piss you off Debbie?” “What??” Debbie replied a bit annoyed!

“Do you have any recent photos of her? Usually You have to wait 24 hours to file a missing Person Report! The waiting can be rough!” Bill rambled on “Yes” answered Debbie Fiddling around with her Phone

“She said someone was following her two days Ago!” Exclaimed Debbie Now he was starting to Believe her sincerity! After all, he had been Doing this for years!

“It’s Halloween Season! Maybe it’s some Prankster, or a boy With a crush?” Bill asked as Debbie Found the photos on her phone

“No, No,” exclaimed Debbie “She was really frightened! I told her to come straight home from school! Now Now, it’s 8 pm!”

“Did she see who it was! Maybe a description of what the stalker was wearing?” He asked! It was getting late! And he was tired

“He was wearing mask!!!!A black one, I believe with Dark clothes!That’s all she told me” Debbie said, nervously holding the phone!

“It’s Halloween Season Debbie There’s no telling If it’s just a kid Having fun! Just give me Her photo, and I’ll take the case!”

“I’ll text it to you along with all her friends phone numbers !” With a few clicks all the Information Bill wanted was sent!

Meanwhile at the Murder Scene.... Did you Get all clues Detectives?

“She appeared to be pale as a Ghost! She has these weird Marks on her neck!” One of the police detective Surmised ! It was an animal of some type!

“Did she have any Identification on her?” Asked the forensic investigators “That’s a No,, the detective” replied

“Detective, we’ve got a break! A private eye just informed Me of a missing girl , and is sending In her photo!” Said another detective Answering the phones!

“It’s her, the Murder Victim! Looks like we have a name! Diana! Now we have to figure out the marks on her neck!” Said the detective

The Forensic evidence on neck is positive for a vampire bite! Bill the PI received the confirmation !

Diana was wheeled in to the morgue! Because it was a confirmed vampire bite! They left her alone afraid Of contracting the deadly COVID virus!

Sorry Debbie, But I’m afraid Your daughters Is dead? She was killed by a vampire bite! You have to go, to the morgue To identify her! Debbie, cried in disbelief and headed for the morgue

One hour later

What do you mean She’s gone? Asked Billy, as the police detective gave him the news!

“She not here!” Said the detective Shaking his head In disbelief

“Well dead bodies Don’t just walk Away?!!!” Bill uttered In a stern voice

Debbie arrives at the morgue Sees the, police detective! “Oh my! What happened to my daughter?First she’s dead Now she’s missing!” “That’s why we’re here lady! , Trying to find out!

Debbie calls the PI, “Sorry Debbie, Looks Like Now I have to find her missing corpse?” Debbie cries , and then ends the call!

Halloween Day!

“Hello Mother, it’s your Missing Daughter!!!” I’m Hooooo

“Hello Mother I’m Hooooome!”

Noooooo!!!!! Debbie Yells out! Gasping in horror and Disbelief!

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