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As my bedroom slipped away ! Contest

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As my bedroom slipped away I saw my broken dreams

Paralyzed emotionally and too frozen to cry

Afraid of moving on tattered at the seams

That's when I found salvation in his eyes

At first glance I thought I must have died

When my sleepy eyes caught first glimpse of him

Perhaps it was an angel I must have spied ?

As my bedroom slipped away l knew

Maybe the earth was no longer in my view

in order to feel love again I had to die just a tad

Feel life’s Cruel jagged edge

And then breathe in it's misery however sad

During my Dream recovery I found salvation in his healing eyes

His Soft kisses became my cure

His warmth My new preoccupation

When I woke up From my Dream I knew

Heartache I no longer had to endure

By Romantic Bloom

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