The Senate Hearing
The Senate Hearing star wars stories

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Set during the tumultuous years after Return of the Jedi.

Lararen Novakoff is the daughter of an Imperial Moff. She defected to the Rebellion after she witnessed Alderaan’s destruction. This is Part One of her story.

The Senate Hearing

The Senate Tower loomed before Lararen, who had been summoned to testify against several notable Imperials indicted on charges of war crimes.

Her cousin Jaxon, one of her mother's Baliss relatives, came up to console her.

"Lara, I know it's hard to testify against people you once considered your friends," Jaxon told her.

Lara swallowed hard and tried to restrain her tears. "One of them is my father," she wept.

Jaxon looked off into the distance. "You Novakoffs are from Alderaan, right?" he asked.

"No. We came from a moon of Hoth called Ruusiya. Mother is from Alderaan, though. The Baliss family has lived on Alderaan for hundreds of years," Larisa replied.

"But... I always considered Alderaan home. So, when the Empire blew it up, I ran. I could no longer be an Imperial," Lara added.

"Lieutenant Novakoff, it is your turn to testify," a protocol droid told her.

Lara entered the Senate Tower feeling anxious.

Would her father be the same man she remembered as a little girl?

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